Foundational Cell Biology Workshop: Making BIG Data Accessible for Teaching and Learning

Supported by Howard Hughes Medical Institute (HHMI)

Sunday, December 13, 10:00-12:00 pm

Room 33B

Molly Bolger, University of Arizona

Anne Rosenwald Georgetown University

Irina Makarevitch, Hamline University

Caroline Kane University of California, Berkeley

John Albeck University of California, Davis

The session will begin with a 10-minute introduction to HHMI BioInteractive educational resources that illuminate scientific process and impart the thrill of scientific discovery. Based on real data and highlighting research practices, HHMI’s short films, virtual labs, data activities, apps and print materials combine important science with engaging presentation. These multimedia resources are developed, vetted, and field-tested by educators and scientists, and available for free on

In keeping with the Big Data theme running through this meeting, this workshop will engage participants with approaches to integrate the generation and/or analysis of Big Data in the undergraduate curriculum. During the first hour, participants will hear about models that span genomics, image analysis and network analysis in signal transduction that utilize research papers and research projects as starting points to enable students to understand core biological concepts. During the second hour, small group discussions will focus on subtopics such as the teaching space (large vs small class sizes), the challenges of Big Data analysis in the classroom, faculty training, and making such efforts accessible to a cross-section of educators, including those at two-year colleges, primarily undergraduate teaching institutions, and high schools, community colleges, high schools, etc. Program Officers from NIH and NSF will be available to discuss funding opportunities in this area.

Organized by the ASCB Education Committee