What Can You Do in the Action-Packed Learning Center?

The Learning Center is the networking hub of the meeting. Last year, ASCB moved from the concept of a static exhibit floor for companies selling scientific products and services to an interactive learning center where all scientists and companies can learn from each other, acquire new skills, learn new methods, and explore hands-on science. It was a major success. This year, the ASCB Learning Center will ramp it up even more.

  • View thousands of posters highlighting the latest in basic research
  • See the latest technology launches
  • Learn the latest technology, and how to use it, from company representatives–through hands-on, in-booth demonstrations as well as Tech Talks in dedicated theaters
  • Talk to funding agencies’ program directors one-on-one
  • Interact directly with leaders in the field at Science Discussion Tables
  • Attend numerous career development programs, and take advantage of onsite CV and application materials review with senior scientists at the Career Center
  • Network, network, network