The ASCB Science Navigator is a three-in-one science intelligence source that allows you to simultaneously query three Navigator applications that can help you identify scientific experts, trace the basic research behind clinical trials, or sort the latest scientific news. You can also drill deeper into any of the three ASCB Science Navigator applications directly from this aggregate search results page.

The ASCB BioExpert Navigator integrates data from Medline (PubMed), grant databases at the National Institutes of Health, the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office, U.S. and international clinical trials registries, and selected conference proceedings. You can apply your own definitions and priorities to find your ideal expert.

The ASCB BioNews Navigator scans syndicated biopharmaceutical news sources every 15 minutes for fresh information on scientific discoveries, drug approvals, trial initiations and results, regulatory news, conferences, deals, and other breaking news about the biopharmaceutical and related industries.

The ASCB ClinicalTrials Navigator scans over 220,000 clinical trial records from the registry and the World Health Organization International Clinical Trials Registry Platform. The highly flexible user interface lets you quickly identify relationships between specific basic science insights and translational clinical trials.