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Generation Science Standards, and the AP Biology
Curriculum Framework.
Another iBioEducation innovation uses Google
Hangout to give students and educators the
opportunity to meet iBiology scientists online and
ask questions after watching their talks. Users can
currently sign up to participate in these live events
with Greg Petsko (December 3) or Bonnie Bassler
(January 13, 2014).
Tools for Student-Centered Curricula
Over the next year, iBiology will be developing a
new array of tools to help life science educators
develop and implement a student-centered
curriculum. Among these will be a series of
interactive video-based modules on scientific
teaching designed by Bill Wood (University of
Colorado, Boulder), Malcolm Campbell (Davidson
College), and Kimberly Tanner (San Francisco State
University). These interactive video-based activities
for educators will include perspectives from experts
in the field of biology education research and will
align with ongoing efforts to reform undergraduate
biology education.
Making Science Accessible to All
iBioSeminars was founded by Ron Vale (University
of California, San Francisco and the Howard
Hughes Medical Institute) in response to his
realization that because of time and money
constraints, generally only elite universities are able
to attract top seminar speakers. Vale recognized
that the Internet presented an opportunity to
make seminars by outstanding scientists available
to individuals and institutions everywhere. The
project began in 2007 with a handful of seminars
and viewers and has grown to over 300 talks that
have been viewed from 175 countries. Currently
149 of the talks have English subtitles and 43 have
Spanish subtitles. iBiology will continue to develop
partnerships with educators and scientists around
the world who wish to contribute scientific seminars
and educational content as well as disseminate
materials to their community to help make science
accessible to all.
iBiology is based at the University of California,
San Francisco. It is funded in part by the Howard
Hughes Medical Institute and by grants to ASCB
from the National Science Foundation and the
National Institute of General Medical Sciences.
In addition to being available on,
iBiology videos can be viewed on YouTube and
iTunes U. Viewers can subscribe to the iBiology
newsletter or follow iBiology on Facebook, Twitter,
Jodi Nunnari presenting an iBioEducation lecture about mitochondria
Nobel Prize winner Randy Schekman giving an iBioEducation lecture about “Mysterious
or Google+ for updates about new talks.
The iBiology team will be present at the ASCB
Educational Resources/Minorities Affairs booth
throughout the ASCB Annual Meeting. An iBiology.
org launch celebration is scheduled for Monday,
December 16, at 4:00 pm, and there will be a
presentation of iBiology tools on Tuesday, December
17, at 12:00 pm.
—Sarah Goodwin, iBiology Director, and Laurence
Clement, iBiology Associate Director
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