ASCB Newsletter Nov 2013 - page 33

The Cell is listed as a resource on a National Institutes of Health website for genetics
An image from the The Cell was used to illustrate an article on “self-eating cells” at
the British Council Voices website on September 24, 2013:
English Caddy, a blog, listed The Cell as one of 13 really cool science pages
on Facebook on February 7, 2013:
The University of Maryland Physics Department included The Cell in an
assignment in which students learn to use the ImageJ image analysis software:
The instructions to students state, “Seeing is believing—so rather
than engage in a dry discussion of how great ImageJ is and how useful it is in current
fields of research, here are a few things you can and should do for yourself:…Visit this
website: ‘The Cell, an image library’ (
/), and look at
some of the images produced using ImageJ by scientists around the world. There are
video files and still images. It is a searchable database with divisions for Cell Process,
Component, Type and Organism. (Run by the American Society for Cell Biology.)”
The Cell is referenced in an article by Kathryn A. Kane in the
Research Journal for the Human Sciences
In “Improving Science through Data Management and Sharing” Kane discusses the
challenges of curating data across multiple fields and the complexity of standards and
legal requirements.
Thanks again to all who have joined us, we now have over 90,000 Facebook fans. If
you haven’t joined us yet, please do so and help us get to 100,000 fans. Don’t forget to
share your science items on The Cell’s page, and also please share The Cell’s Image of
the Week.
—David Orloff
The Cell: An Image Library-CCDB (
continues to evolve. It has now been accessed from 202 different
countries, with South Sudan and Curaçao the most recent to join us.
The Cell was developed by ASCB under a Grand Opportunities grant from the National Institute of General Medical Sciences.
Now The Cell has moved to the National Center for Microscopy and Imaging Research Cell Centered Database (CCDB), which
manages the Library’s day-to-day operations under a perpetual license from ASCB. ASCB maintains a role in advertising the
Library, soliciting images, serving as an advocate for the resource, and creating a community committed to The Cell-CCDB.
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Be Part of The Cell
Two interphase cells with immunofluorescence labeling of actin filaments (purple), microtubules
(yellow), and nuclei (green). This image won first place in the Nikon 2003 Small World photo
competition. (Image by Torsten Wittmann;
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