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interest in supporting excellence in science.
Another important industry partnership,
with EMD Millipore, will enable ASCB
and the Keck Graduate Institute to offer
an intensive course for ASCB student and
postdoc members who want to explore careers
in industry. Managing Science in the Biotech
Industry will be offered June 16–27, 2014, at
the Keck Graduate Institute
in Claremont, CA. The course
will introduce PhD scientists
to available career options and
the culture and infrastructure of
life science companies through
MBA-style case-based teaching,
professional development
workshops, and a team-based
project. Students will learn how
to conduct research in industry
and how industry thinks about
science. Full scholarships are
available thanks to generous
funding from EMD Millipore.
See p. 1 for details.
2013 Brought
New Twists on
Communications and
This year has brought many changes to ASCB.
Our new, truly dynamic Executive Director
Stefano Bertuzzi has given ASCB a 24/7
presence. In addition to starting promising
partnerships with industry, like the projects
described above, Stefano also focused on
enhancing the public visibility of ASCB and
its electronic communications. Under his
leadership ASCB developed a new website
not only featuring a better look and better
functionality, but most of all offering enhanced
scientific content. We started a very successful
new online publication, the ASCB Post, which
under John Fleischman’s editorial guidance
brings daily news to cell biologists around the
world. Stefano also added his own blog, called
“Activation Energy”, which brings key issues to
our attention in a fresh and provocative style
and is worth reading every week. Although
these information outlets were launched only
recently, the response by readership has been
great, and the sites receive thousands of hits
every week.
Stefano has also led ASCB in reporting,
collecting, and analyzing the latest scientific
news, along with new developments in
science policy, science education, scientific
training, federal and local science funding,
diversity, global science, and emerging issues.
Stefano is a great believer in science education
and communications. He believes that new
technologies and the ASCB’s
inherent strong scientific
backbone will let us “cover”
cell biology in a new way. As
a part of this, ASCB has also
enhanced its presence on social
media, mostly thanks to the
efforts of a newly hired PhD in
the National Office, Christina
Szalinski. And you can see the
changes on the reconstructed
ASCB website. We think it’s
so good that you will feel the
need to bookmark the ASCB
) on
your browser. That’s one of our
goals: ASCB wants to be part
of your year-round scientific
life, useful for services and
information as well as our
exciting Annual Meeting.
ASCB wants to be a “go to” venue for your
scientific needs and interests. If you haven’t
checked it out yet, you should.
On the advocacy front, we held a press
conference at the National Press Club to
highlight the plight of our members whose
applications were caught in limbo by the
government shutdown (many thanks to Carol
Greider from Johns Hopkins and Rebecca
Burdine from Princeton for participating
with me).
and NPR all
heard us. And most important, when the
National Institutes of Health (NIH) returned
to work and faced the enormous hardship
of needing to reschedule over 200 cancelled
review panels, it heard our plea to avoid a
long delay in evaluating submitted grants.
NIH accelerated their initial plans, thereby
allowing many of the delayed applications to
be reviewed (and recommended for funding)
prior to the next meeting of the Councils of
the various Institutes, thereby minimizing
the pain to those whose applications were
Another exciting
event at the
Annual Meeting
will be the
of our newly
inaugurated award
for extraordinary
during a graduate
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