Washington in Review

The Senate Commerce-Justice-Science Appropriations Subcommittee has met and marked up its FY17 bill, which includes funds for the National Science Foundation (NSF). The subcommittee provided no increase for NSF, proposing $7.5 billion for FY17. The National Cancer Institute (NCI), part of the National Institutes of  … Read more

How to Choose a Research Area

Often in our scientific careers we are faced with the question of how to choose an area of research to pursue. As a graduate student picking a laboratory in which to do a PhD, as a postdoctoral researcher wanting to continue his or her career  … Read more

Helping Undergraduates Approach Research Articles

Regardless of our current role in academe, education—for us and for our students—is central to our identity as scientists. With that in mind, the ASCB Education Committee (EdComm) is pleased to offer Office Hours with EdComm, a column addressing broad issues in education, ranging from  … Read more

Re: Biology Students Struggling with Math

Re: Biology Students Struggling with Math Tired and Desperate, whose letter appeared in the March/April Office Hours with EdComm column, is facing exactly the situation I faced when I decided to write Lab Math in 2003: My cell biology students were struggling with math. I  … Read more

Seen on THE CELL

The Cell Image Library has now been accessed from its 221st country, Greenland. Don’t forget if you are looking for big data cellular images, check out the Data Sets tab at the Cell Image Library. If you will be applying for a grant soon and  … Read more

Did you know?

You Can Use MyASCB to Pay for Abstract Submissions and Annual Meeting Registration and to Enroll in AutoRenew ASCB members can use ASCB’s new portal, MyASCB, to pay for abstract submissions, Annual Meeting registration, annual membership, and discounted journal subscriptions or to make donations. MyASCB  … Read more

Take the PULSE of Your Curriculum

The chemistry and physics disciplines have long been more cohesive than biology in their approach to education, with clear standards and expectations. Unfortunately, biology educators have been more like a herd of cats and have been reluctant to coalesce around common curricula. Out of this  … Read more

Recent Local Meetings

Industry Careers Workshop Series Baltimore, MD. April 7, 2016 The Industry Careers Workshop Series was held at the Johns Hopkins University’s East Baltimore Campus. Brad Fackler, Senior Director of the Office of BioHealth and Life Science at the State of Maryland Department of Commerce, provided  … Read more


The Editorial Board of Molecular Biology of the Cell has highlighted the following articles from the May 2016 issues. From among the many fine articles in the journal, the Board selects for these Highlights articles that are of broad interest and significantly advance knowledge or  … Read more

Hongtao Yu Combines Structure and Function to Solve the Mitotic Mystery of Separase

I remember the first time I saw a movie of chromosomes aligned at metaphase in a dividing cell. I was in seventh grade and my 13-year-old mind was largely focused elsewhere, but those first images of chromosomes condensing from the blob of the nucleus, neatly  … Read more