Finding Our Way

Dear Labby, We receive mentoring of all kinds, but many of my fellow students and I find it granular: helpful but lacking in broader sweep. Senior members of our department recount tales of their mentors conveying much deeper lessons. You deal each month with a  … Read more

Members in the News

Steve Almo, an ASCB member since 2004, is the new Chair of Biochemistry at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine. Thomas Pollard of Yale University, an ASCB member since 1970, received the Wilbur Lucius Cross Medal. The medal recognizes distinguished achievement in scholarship, teaching, academic  … Read more

Bombed My Defense!

Dear Labby, My thesis defense started out fine. It was the usual seminar (with my husband, our five-year-old daughter, my parents, and my in-laws all sitting in the back) followed by some easy questions from the audience in this “public” part. After a short break,  … Read more

Member in the News

Jonathan M. Backer, an ASCB member since 1998, has become Chair of Molecular Pharmacology at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine.

Seen on the Cell

The Cell: An Image Library is proud to announce that in just a little over five years we have served 500,000 unique visitors who have visited 650,000 times and viewed over 2.5 million pages. We thank all of you who have visited and encourage those  … Read more

Highlights from MBoC

The Editorial Board of Molecular Biology of the Cell has highlighted the following articles from the October 2015 issues. From among the many fine articles in the journal, the Board selects for these Highlights articles that are of broad interest and significantly advance knowledge or  … Read more

The Advantages and Difficulties of Working with Primary Cells

Cell culture studies provide a valuable complement to in vivo experiments, allowing for a more controlled manipulation of cellular functions and processes. For decades, cell lines have played a critical role in scientific advancements, yet researchers have become increasingly cautious when interpreting data generated from  … Read more

The Federal Budget: Will They or Won’t They?

On October 7, Francis Collins, National Institutes of Health (NIH) Director, issued a dire warning to Senate appropriators: “If Congress cannot come to a budget agreement and federal agencies are funded for a full year at FY15 levels, the impact on biomedical research funded by  … Read more

Science as a Jigsaw Puzzle: A Story of Sex and Blood Pressure

Sex Differences and Blood Pressure Over the last 10 years or so, my collaborators and I have conducted a series of studies on the physiology of sex differences, aging, and blood pressure in humans. The short story is that things get especially interesting for women  … Read more

This Way Up for ASCB’s All-Video, Mostly Selfies, 60-Second Elevator Speech Contest

The Cohn lab received a Special Judges Award in 2014 for its video filmed inside an actual elevator. Photo courtesy of Stan Cohn, DePaul University.   You’re good at math. You’re great at chemistry. But how’s your ability to sell your science to a captive  … Read more