Michigan: The Latest Meeting Addressing the Biomedical Research Crisis

Gary McDowell The crisis in biomedical research has been increasingly discussed since the publication of “Rescuing US biomedical research from its systemic flaws” by Alberts et al.1 Several meetings have been organized by senior community members, at the Howard Hughes Medical Institute Headquarters in August  … Read more

A Question about Questions

Dear Labby, I just attended a symposium at a well-regarded institution. Whenever I had a question it seemed there were “favorite” people who got chosen even though my hand was up. I did get to meet some of the speakers and had good follow-ups with  … Read more

Four current ASCB members are among newly appointed Howard Hughes Medical Institute (HHMI) investigators

Jennifer Zallen Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center ASCB member since 2007 (HHMI photo by Richard DeWitt) Tobias C. Walther Harvard University ASCB member since 2000 (HHMI photo by Aynsley Floyd) Kim Orth University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center ASCB member since 2002 (HHMI photo by Shannon  … Read more

Highlights from MBoC

Vimentin intermediate filaments (in green) are remarkably dynamic. Their transport along microtubules (in red) is revealed by live-cell two-color total-internal-reflection fluorescence structured illumination microscopy (TIRF-SIM). See Mol. Biol. Cell 26, 1675–1686. (Image: acquired at the Advanced Imaging Center of the Howard Hughes Medical Institute at  … Read more

A Chilly Climate for Science Funding

Both the House of Representatives and the Senate are beginning to build the FY16 federal budget, and despite widespread support for the National Institutes of Health (NIH) among congressional leaders, there seems to be a chill in the air when it comes to overall support  … Read more

Scientists Beyond Stereotypes

The Importance of Communal Opportunities in Science Amanda Diekman The question of why people enter into and persist in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) fields is particularly relevant for women, because women are more likely than men to leave the STEM career path at  … Read more

Patrick O’Neill to Receive MBoC Paper of the Year Award

Patrick O’Neill of the Department of Anesthesiology, Washington University School of Medicine, St. Louis, was named by the Molecular Biology of the Cell (MBoC) Editorial Board as recipient of the 24th annual MBoC Paper of the Year Award. As a postdoc in N. Gautam’s lab,  … Read more

Vladimir Denic to Receive 2015 Early Career Life Scientist Award

Vladimir Denic, associate professor in the Department of Molecular and Cellular Biology at Harvard University, has been named the 2015 ASCB Early Career Life Scientist Awardee. Vladimir Denic Denic was selected because of his significant contributions to the fields of membrane protein biogenesis and autophagy.  … Read more

Congressional Action Backs Congressional Words on NIH Budget

It’s one thing for politicians to say they support something, but it’s an entirely different thing when they back up their words with money. Such has been the case recently as the Appropriations Committees in both the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives announced funding  … Read more