The Centrality of Cell Biology

My earliest encounter with cell biology occurred when I was in medical school during the early 1970s. The beauty and complexity of the intracellular world had a deep impact on me and quickly sealed my decision to become a scientist. In those days, cell biology  … Read more

Highlights from MBoC

The Editorial Board of Molecular Biology of the Cell has highlighted the following articles from the November and December 2016 issues. From among the many fine articles in the journal, the Board selects for these Highlights articles that are of broad interest and significantly advance  … Read more

Seen in the Cell Image Library

The Cell Image Library ( is a freely accessible, easy-to-search, public repository of reviewed and annotated images, videos, and animations of cells. Portions of the Cell Image Library were developed by ASCB under a Grand Opportunities grant from the National Institute of General Medical Sciences  … Read more

Effects of the Fair Labor Standards Act Update (or Lack Thereof) on the Postdoctoral Population

On December 1, 2016, the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) was meant to be updated by the U.S. Department of Labor (DOL), and this update was predicted to have a profound effect on the academic enterprise, including postdoctoral researchers. The situation was greatly complicated when,  … Read more

Applications Now Open for Four MAC Programs

More information is available at All four applications close on March 1, 2017. Faculty Research and Education Development (FRED) Mentoring Program The FRED Program is a structured mentorship program designed to promote grant funding success for junior faculty at minority-serving institutions and other institutions  … Read more

Beyond Tenure: The Path to Professorship

Dear Labby, I know that your usual queries come from those establishing careers and dealing with many issues in and outside their institutions. I am now a couple of steps up on the academic ladder: I have a faculty position at a Midwestern research-intensive university,  … Read more

ASCB Ensures Access to Conferences for Federal Scientists

Otto von Bismarck is reported to have said, “Laws are like sausages. It is better not to see them being made.” While it is likely that Bismarck was referring to the contents of laws and the process by which they were made, the time it  … Read more

Scientists and Patients Benefit from a Novel Approach to Legislating

Congress gets criticized for many things, but sometimes it gets things right and should be complimented. One of the times it got things right was the way it approached legislation to revamp the U.S. drug discovery process. In 2014, Rep. Fred Upton (R-MI) realized that  … Read more

New ASCB Committee Members

The ASCB Council has approved new committee members to begin three-year terms in 2017. COMPASS Committee Brooke Gardner, University of California, San Francisco Ashley Lakoduk, University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center Chenshu Liu, University of California, Berkeley Ashley Rowland, University of Colorado at Boulder Valerie  … Read more

ASCB’s First Doorstep Meeting Jumps into New Cancer Treatment Strategies

Cancer cell biology can be a bewildering jungle where well-charted pathways and promising therapies disappear into the undergrowth while the unexpected can jump out without warning. Something unexpectedly familiar did jump out of Joan Brugge’s talk on cancer therapy resistance at the ASCB’s first “Doorstep”  … Read more