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Website Posting Rules

Our rules:  You may submit your material if your answer is “yes” to all of the following submission requirements:

  1. I have the right to submit this material to ASCB (meaning that either the material is original with me or I am otherwise authorized to submit it);
  2. I’ve received permission for any quotes, pictures, or text I’m using within this material;
  3. There is no defamatory content in this material;
  4. I am giving ASCB the right to use this material in any format, place, language, medium, or edited form, for any duration it chooses to.
  5. For any research-related material being submitted, I understand that I am subject to the ASCB Policy on Research Misconduct by Authors, which prohibits fabrication, falsification, misrepresentation of data or author contributions, or plagiarism in reporting research results or submitting any information or digital image.

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