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"Elevator Speech Contest"

"Going Up?"

ASCB’s first-ever, all video "elevator speech" contest comes to the 52nd Annual Meeting in San Francisco. The elevator door closes and you’ve got a trapped audience—a U.S. Senator, your dean, or your sister-in-law. Go for it! Sell your science before the door opens!

Two divisions:

  • A) Fact and furious: “Sell Your Science in 60 Seconds!”
  • B) Long form: “Sell Your Science in 120 Seconds!”

As an Annual Meeting registrant, you can enter in person at a designated ASCB Elevator Contest Video Booth* or record yourself on your smart phone, emailing your .mov file to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

All entries will be posted to the ASCB YouTube Channel, ASCB 8120, under a Creative Commons license. The Elevator Contest runs at the ASCB Annual Meeting in San Francisco from Saturday noon to Tuesday noon (PST). ASCB judges will screen their Top Picks at the Celldance Theater in the Exhibit Hall at 3:30 pm, Tuesday, December 18.

You must be registered for the 52nd ASCB Annual Meeting to enter. Each entry must begin with a 10-second camera shot of your ASCB Annual Meeting badge. This doesn’t count against your time but hold it steady so your name can be read in case you’re the winner. Depending on your division, your entry will be cut off by the judges exactly 60 or 120 seconds after you begin. You can enter more than once but only one complete entry will be judged, typically the last submission.

Prizes, if awarded, will be minimal and fun. The decision of the judges will be fun and final. 

*For locations and times of the Elevator Contest Video Booth in San Francisco, check the 52nd Annual Meeting page at www.ascb.org or inquire at the ASCB booth in the Exhibit Hall.

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