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2012 ASCB Annual Meeting

Rates and Registration

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Register by Mail or Fax This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

All forms and detailed information are available at www.ascb.org/meetings.

Early Registration: Registration forms must be received by October 10 for registrants to qualify for the early registration rate. There is a significant discount for early registration (see below). Registration is nontransferable. Participants are not registered for the meeting until their registration fees are paid in full.

Note: Abstract submission fee payment does not include meeting registration.

Regular Registration: Although early rates for registration are available only through October 10, registration for the meeting at the regular rate will be available from October 11 through the end of the meeting. Registration is also available onsite at the Moscone Center in San Francisco from December 15-19 at the regular registration rates listed below.

Save on registration by becoming an ASCB member!

Member Rates

Early Registration
(through Oct. 10)

Regular Registration
(after Oct. 10)

ASCB Regular Member/Member Applicant*



ASCB Postdoctoral Member/Member Applicant*



ASCB Graduate Student Member/Member Applicant*



ASCB Undergraduate Student Member/Member Applicant*



ASCB Emeritus Member



Nonmember Rates

Regular Nonmember



Postdoctoral Nonmember



Graduate Student Nonmember



Undergraduate Student Nonmember



*To become eligible for the Member Applicant rate, applicants must first apply for membership and pay the appropriate membership fee (shown below):

Membership Type

2012 Membership Fee*

2012-13 Membership Fee**







Graduate Student



Undergraduate Student



*Available to Members Only through September 30, 2012.
**Prorated rate available to Members Only after September 30, 2012.

Save Money on Meeting Registration

Not a Member? Want to Save on Registration Fees? Join the ASCB and Qualify for Reduced Registration Fees

How to Become a Member: If you have never been a member of the Society before, go to www.ascb.org and click on "Membership" to submit your application. Complete the form as indicated; list your advisor (if a student or postdoc) on the confirmation page or receipt, and fax or mail to ASCB. All applications are reviewed and approved by the ASCB Council monthly. ASCB must receive your application by September 30 for you to be approved for 2012 membership. Applications received after September 30 will be considered for a combined prorated 2012 membership and full-year 2013 membership.

Note: As a member applicant, you will be eligible to sponsor your own abstract and register for the Annual Meeting at the member rate.

Cancellation Policy

Meeting registration is nontransferable. Meeting registration is nonrefundable after November 26. The ASCB will honor requests for refunds if they are in writing and are received by the ASCB no later than November 26. Please note that cancellations are subject to a processing fee of $20 for students and $40 for all others. No refunds will be issued for requests received after November 26.

Note: Registration refunds will not be issued after November 26 for denied visas.

Meeting Badge Pick-up

All attendees will pick up badges onsite South Lobby of the Moscone Center. Those who have registered by December 4, 2012, will receive an email one week prior to the meeting. Print and bring this email with you. The email will contain a barcode for you to scan to print your badge. If for any reason you don't get an email with the barcode before the meeting, or you misplace it, you will still be able to pick up your badge onsite.


  • Travel Award/Childcare Grant Application Sept. 4
  • Early Registration (for discount) Oct. 10
  • Cancellation of Registration (to be eligible for refund) Nov. 26

Badge Replacement Policy

Attendees who have lost their badge may pick up another one from the Badge Replacement counter. Attendees must show a photo ID and pay a fee of $15. If an attendee loses the second badge, the attendee will need to re-register for the meeting before receiving another badge.

Guest Policy

A guest is a nonscientist family member or nonscientist friend of a registered scientist. If a registered scientist would like a family member or friend to see his/her invited talk or poster presentation, the registered scientist may contact ASCB Director of Meetings This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and provide the date and time his/her guest would like to attend. The guest badge will only be valid for the day selected. A guest badge may also be requested onsite at the ASCB Meeting Management Office at the Moscone Center.

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