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2012 ASCB Annual Meeting

Cell Biology and Medicine Thread

Keynote Speaker: Arthur D. Levinson, Chair of Genentech and Apple, Inc.

Translational medicine is today's buzz word. But what does it mean? How do we generate better drugs or create cells to repair damaged organs? The history of medicine in the past two centuries has shown that breakthroughs in understanding the basic biology of how cells work, as well as the accumulation of smaller insights, have led to new medicines and strategies for improving human health. Given how little we still know about how cells, tissues, and organisms work, it is likely that basic research on cells and tissues will continue to play an important role in improving human health in the coming decades. But how are industry and academic scientists envisioning translating basic sciences into medicine? What are some great current bench-to-bedside stories? The ASCB Annual Meeting Thread on Cell Biology and Medicine will dig into some of these questions (see program below). We will have a Frontier Symposium and Minisymposia that will address topics of cell biology and medicine, with particular spotlights on cancer, infectious disease, and stem cell therapy. There will be ample opportunities to meet with scientists from leading pharmaceutical research and biotechnology companies.


  • Meet and Greet: All are welcome, especially those attending from the physical sciences and biotech fields or others who are coming to the ASCB meeting for the first time.

  • Keynote Speaker: Arthur D. Levinson, Chair of Genentech and Apple, Inc. (public invited via online registration)


  • Special Interest Subgroups
  • Frontier Symposium: Cell Biology and Medicine
  • Panel Discussion: Sense and Reproducibility: The Problem of Translating Academic Discovery to Drug Discovery, chaired by Ira Mellman
  • Panel Discussion: Is There a New Paradigm for Drug Discovery?, chaired by James Sabry
  • Minisymposia: Cancer Cell Biology, Cell Biology of Neurodegeneration, Cellular Stress, Protein Folding, and Disease; Molecular Basis of Infectious Disease; Stem Cells and Induced Pluripotency
  • Working Groups: New Technologies in Molecular Biology/Genetics; New Technologies in Proteomics
  • Science Discussion Tables: Meet Bay Area biotech scientists
  • Career Discussion and Mentoring Roundtables, with biotech representation
  • Travel awards available for postdocs in biotech

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