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2012 ASCB Annual Meeting

Meeting Overview

As the premier international meeting in the field of cell biology, the ASCB Annual Meeting is intended for scientists and students in academia, industry, government, and higher education. Over 100 scientific sessions and 3,000 poster presentations cover a variety of scientific areas within the discipline. With opportunities to learn about the latest research and network with peers, the ASCB Annual Meeting appeals to the diverse interests of the international cell biology community.

Attendees view the ASCB Annual Meeting as the place to:

  • Hear and discuss the most exciting research discoveries in cell biology in detail
  • Gain a broad view of research in the field
  • Network with senior scientists and others
  • See friends and colleagues
  • Gain valuable career development advice/knowledge
  • Visit over 350 commercial and nonprofit exhibits offering new products and services
  • Look for a job, fellowship, postdoctoral position, or new collaborator
  • Improve teaching knowledge and skills
  • Recruit and/or interview job candidates
  • Attend sessions of special interest to students, minorities, and women
  • Learn where and how to apply, and advocate for, research funding

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