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ASCB Is Your Scientific Home

It's your voice for basic research, your resource for the best science, and your place for networking, collaborations, and friendships. It's also your source for mentorship, career advice, job listings, awards, and teaching tools.


  • The premier showcase for cutting edge cell biology and an unparalleled overview of cell biology—at the ASCB Annual Meeting, in Molecular Biology of the Cell, and ASCB's press book 
  • An influential voice in Washington, DC, supporting funding and basic research
    • ASCB's lead membership in the Coalition for the Life Sciences, Public Policy Committee, and two dedicated staff—along with impassioned ASCB volunteers—ensure our messages get heard by elected Representatives, Hill staff, the White House, and policymakers at NIH, NSF, etc.
  • New venues for networking and knowledge—from intimate Science Discussion Tables to a Directory of Members searchable by topic, approach, teaching level, model organism, and more
  • Indispensable career advice for every career level—in monthly columns written by ASCB's beloved Labby and experts hand-picked by the WICB Committee, free Career Advice for Life Scientists books, and popular, interactive sessions at the ASCB Annual Meeting
  • Must-have awards, jobs, and tools—Expanded Job Board listings from academic to biotech; tools for teachers from iBioSeminars spotlighting hot science to behind-the-scenes explorations of diverse careers in iBioMagazine; freely accessible images and videos in The Cell: An Image Library; and evidence-based articles in CBE—Life Sciences Education.
  • Participate in the ASCB!
    • Volunteer to be an ASCB Ambassador.
    • Represent your country at the International Research & Training Exchange Fair.
    • Promote the ASCB Annual Meeting with slides, posters, and handouts.
    • Sign up to be a judge at the Minorities Affairs Committee poster session.
    • Express your willingness to serve on an ASCB Committee.

Let's stand together for cell biology: the science of life, the life of science.

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Thank you for being an ASCB member!

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