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E.B. Wilson Medal

The ASCB's highest honor for science, the E.B. Wilson Medal is presented at the Annual Meeting of the Society for far-reaching contributions to cell biology over a lifetime in science.

Nominators must be members of the ASCB but nominees need not be. The nominating package should include the candidate's CV and no fewer than three and no more than five letters of support.

Who is Eligible: An individual who has demonstrated significant and far-reaching contributions to cell biology over a lifetime in science. Nominators must be ASCB members, but the candidate need not be.

How to Apply: Provide a letter of nomination, the candidate’s CV, and no fewer than three, and no more than five, letters of support.

Awards: The winner of the ASCB’s highest honor for science gives the E.B. Wilson Lecture at the Annual Meeting and receives the E.B. Wilson Medal. Expenses to attend the Annual Meeting are paid.

Deadline: April 1 (electronic submission preferred to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.).

E.B. Wilson Medalists

2014 - William. R. Brinkley, John E. Heuser, and Peter Satir
2013 - John R. Pringle
2012 - Susan L. Lindquist
2011 - Gary G. Borisy, J. Richard McIntosh, and James A. Spudich
2010 - Stuart Kornfeld, James Rothman, and Randy Schekman
2009 - Peter Walter
2008 - Martin Chalfie and Roger Tsien
2007 - Richard O. Hynes and Zena Werb
2006 - Joel Rosenbaum
2005 - Joan Steitz
2004 - Thomas Pollard
2003 - Marc Kirschner
2002 - Avram Hershko and Alexander Varshavsky
2001 - Elizabeth Blackburn
2000 - Walter Neupert and Gottfried Schatz
1999 - Edwin Taylor
1998 - James Darnell and Sheldon Penman
1997 - John C. Gerhart
1996 - Donald D. Brown
1995 - Bruce Nicklas
1994 - Barbara Gibbons and Ian Gibbons
1993 - Hans Ris
1992 - Shinya Inoue
1991 - S. Jonathan Singer
1990 - Morris Karnovsky
1989 - Christian de Duve
1988 - Elizabeth Hay
1987 - Marilyn Farquhar
1986 - Gunter Blobel and D. Sabatini
1985 - H. Swift
1984 - H. Eagle and T. Puck
1983 - Joseph Gall and H. Huxley
1982 - C. Leblond and A. Novikoff
1981 - Daniel Mazia, George Palade, and Keith Porter


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