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Molecular Biology of the Cell

Molecular Biology of the Cell (MBoC) is published twice per month online by the American Society for Cell Biology. MBoC publishes original and scholarly research reports that contribute significantly to the scientific understanding of the molecular basis of cell structure and function. MBoC serves as a forum for presenting in full the significant advances that arise from a combination of experimental approaches (e.g., biochemical, genetic, morphological, and immunochemical). Articles include supplementary datasets, video data, and previously unpublished data and methods that support the conclusions drawn. Accepted articles are published rapidly after acceptance through MBoC in Press.
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Molecular Biology of the Cell Selected Articles

Selected Articles including:
  • Editorial by David Drubin
  • Retrospective by David Botstein
  • Essays by 2009 ASCB Award Winners
  • The 2009 MBoC Paper of the Year

Molecular Biology of the Cell

ASCB 50th Anniversary (PDF)

CBE—Life Sciences Education

CBE—Life Sciences Education (CBE-LSE), a free, online quarterly journal, is published by the American Society for Cell Biology (ASCB). The journal was launched in spring 2002 as Cell Biology Education—A Journal of Life Science Education. The ASCB changed the name of the journal in spring 2006 to reflect better the breadth of its readership and the scope of its submissions. CBE-LSE publishes peer-reviewed articles of life science research and evidence-based practice. [Latest Issue]

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