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ASCB Newsletter - December 2001

Practice of Science Session Examines Academic-Industry Cooperation

Keith Yamamoto will moderate the Practice of Science session, Fuzzy Borders: Interactions of Academic Research and Industry, at the ASCB Annual Meeting in Washington, DC. As always, the session will be interactive—students, postdocs and senior researchers are encouraged to come armed with questions, comments and new ideas to share. The session will be held on Monday, December 10 at 2:00 PM in Room 20 of the Washington Convention Center.


MBC In Press Accelerates Papers by Two Months

Molecular Biology of the Cell is publishing accepted manuscripts ahead of print through MBC’s online journal site, www.molbiolcell.org. The new initiative makes accepted manuscripts available to MBC subscribers two to three months before the print journal is available.

PDFs of accepted manuscripts are uploaded for immediate online publication. MBC In Press is citable and establishes publication priority. The official publication date appears below the article title and is followed by the Digital Object Identifier (DOI), a number unique to each article to identify intellectual property in the digital environment.

After a manuscript is published electronically, it proceeds through traditional production and subsequently appears in final form in the online and print journal, two to three months after manuscript acceptance. As each month’s journal issue is published, ahead-of-print articles are removed from the active index and stored in an accessible, permanent electronic archive. Readers may link to the manuscript version of an article through the DOI.

In the tradition of Molecular Biology of the Cell to provide broad dissemination of scientific knowledge and research results in a technologically advanced environment, MBC In Press is available to all MBC subscribers.


Record Presentations for DC Annual Meeting

3,069 posters will be presented at the 41st ASCB Annual Meeting, December 8-12 in Washington, DC.

2,879 abstracts are published in the Molecular Biology of the Cell Abstracts Issue and 190 abstracts are scheduled in the Late Poster Session.

2,845 abstracts were presented at the 1999 ASCB Annual Meeting in Washington, DC.


ASCB Members Elected to IOM

Sixty new people were elected to the Institute of Medicine of the National Academy of Sciences this year, including five ASCB members.

  • Joan S. Brugge Harvard Medical School ASCB member since 1994
  • Eric N. Olson University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center ASCB member since 1984
  • Edward E. Penhoet University of California, Berkeley ASCB member since 1998
  • Bert Vogelstein Johns Hopkins University ASCB member since 1991
  • Robert H. Waterston Washington University ASCB member since 1991


Members In The News

Elizabeth Blackburn, of the University of California, San Francisco, former Society President and ASCB member since 1978, received the Alfred P. Sloan Award, given annually by the General Motors Cancer Research Foundation. The prize recognizes the most outstanding recent contribution in basic science related to cancer research.


Grants & Opportunities

Royal Society USA Research Fellowships. The program brings postdoctorates from U.S. universities to spend up to three years in British universities to establish long-term links between research centers in respective countries.

HHMI Undergraduate Science Education Grants. The Howard Hughes Medical Institute announces 20 $1 million awards to scientists who transmit the excitement and values of scientific research to undergraduate education.

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