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Molecular Likeness

Has anyone noticed the distinct likeness when you look at drawings of people done by 2 to 4 year old kids, and text book representations of phospholipid molecules? One typically diagrams a phospholipid molecule with a circle to show the glycerol backbone and head group, with two squiggles/lines attached to the bottom, to represent the two fatty acyl chains, right? Now look at a child's drawing of a "person" - see a likeness? If you haven't seen such a drawing, just do a google search on "children's drawings" under the images tab and you will see what I'm talking about. I find it absolutely fascinating, perhaps because I spent my early years toiling over purifying all kinds of phospholipids from egg yolks, ad nauseum!To a child, human beings are simply phospholipid molecules....when I have made such a remark to non-lipidophiles - I have received the oddest looks! Doesn't anyone else see the likeness?!!

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