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The Official 2013 Rules

This year, Celldance is determined to be really useful. We want to make cell biology perfectly clear, especially for those who teach at the AP Biology through undergraduate introductory course level and for the public prowling the web. We are looking for very short microscopy videos that instantly illustrate basic cell mechanisms and processes. We will make the winning Celldance individual video segments really useful by editing them together into "Celldance 2013, ASCB's Really Useful Cell Biology Video," all or in parts to be extremely suitable for classroom use. Celldance 2013 will also continue with its separate Public Outreach Award. The deadline for all entries is Thursday, October 31, 2013, 5:00 pm EST.

The "Really Useful" Video Contest

Subjects might include videos that show mitosis, meiosis, cytokinesis, cell motility, or similar classic cell biology likely to be covered in an "Intro" course. For the "Really Useful" videos, the primary judging criteria will be the quality of the video imaging, how well it illustrates the mechanism/process, and how useful this video might be in the classroom.

All "Really Useful" entries must have a title card with the entrant's name and a credits card (or cards) briefly annotating method, organism, staining, and subject. Entries can be silent or come with sound, music, narration, or additional text but these other elements will be judged as secondary to the segment's scientific clarity and impact. Segments can be looped to illustrate additional points of interest but four minutes running time is the total limit. The producers of Celldance may add a Creative Commons music track to winning entries for showing at the Celldance Awards Ceremony in New Orleans and online.

For the best "Really Useful" video, the Celldance judges will award a cash prize of $500 and a non-transferable complimentary registration for the 2013 ASCB Annual Meeting in New Orleans. There will be a "Really Useful" second prize of $250 and a third prize of $150. All Celldance winners will receive a "Celldance Cyber Trophy," a digital graphic suitable for personal/lab web sites, Facebook, or "job talk" slides.

The Celldance Public Outreach Award

In addition, the Celldance Public Outreach Award will be a single cash prize of $250 for a short video of strong artistic or general educational merit that communicates the excitement or importance of cell biology to a public audience. Humor and/or creative artistry are especially welcome.

The award of all prizes and of Honorable Mentions is at the discretion of the judges. The final arbiter for all Celldance decisions is the chair of the Public Information Committee, which organizes Celldance.

And now for some truly fine, fine print:
Eligibility and Permissions: The contest is open to current ASCB members and ASCB member applicants only.

Each entry must have a single "entrant," who will be the sole awardee if the submission is selected by the judges. A list of contributors may be included with the entry but such collaborators are listed only for the glory. The entrant must secure the full permission of collaborators or lab supervisors to enter the work. We cannot accept videos of previously published material unless the entrant already has "reprint" permission or specific reserved rights from the publisher. However, unpublished videos from the same experimental series or other data sets are welcome.

Entrants agree to grant the ASCB a non-exclusive license to post their winning entry on the ASCB web site and on other public video posting sites such as YouTube. In addition, ASCB has a non-exclusive license to use all or part of a Celldance entry in an educational resource with the working title of "Celldance 2013, ASCB's Really Useful Cell Biology Videos." The entrant agrees that the submitted work is original and that the entrant has full authority to grant the ASCB this nonexclusive license for distributing the work for immediate, free, open-access distribution at ASCB websites or by other means, electronic and in print, for use in education, news media outreach, and other noncommercial uses.

The entrant agrees that the ASCB is not responsible for any damages, infringement of copyright, or dispute arising from its nonexclusive use of the winning entries and holds ASCB harmless from damages, liabilities, or costs related to infringement or other disputes.

A Special Note on Music Copyright: A sound track is not required in the "Really Useful" video competition. Silent entries are welcome. However, entries can carry a musical or other soundtrack, provided that a winning entrant has evidence of permission from the copyright holder or creator. In Public Outreach, all copyrighted material can be used only with permission. ASCB will confirm copyright permissions for all winning entries prior to distributing awards.

Deadline and dates: The entry deadline is Thursday, October 31, 2013, 5:00 pm Eastern time. Private notification of winners will be on Thursday, November 14, 2013.

Prizes and Awards: Winners will be notified in advance and all prizes will be presented Tuesday, December 17, at the ASCB's 2013 Annual Meeting in New Orleans. You don't have to be present to win. If unable to attend, please find an ASCB member who will be at the meeting to claim your award.

Technical Specifications:

  • Submit your video in mov (preferred), avi, or mpg formats.
  • There is an ABSOLUTE LIMIT OF 100MB PER ENTRY. If you need help or have questions, contact John Fleischman.
  • ASCB Policy on Research Misconduct by Authors: By making a submission, an entrant agrees to the ASCB Policy on Research Misconduct by Authors.

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