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Nature Magazine Takes Offense at Breakthrough Prizes: Cell Biologists Run Wild?

E.B. Wilson
E.B. Wilson, cell biology pioneer: Not, says Nature, the only kind of biology that matters.

In the aftermath of the Breakthrough Prizes announcement, the editorial "We" at Nature has come forth to grumble about the narrow definition of "Life Sciences." With six of the 11 prizes going to current or former ASCB members, Nature cut to the chase in a February 26 editorial: Too many cell biologists, sniffed Nature. "This has led to a perception—at least among those who study whole organisms—that cell biologists regard their own discipline not only as important (which it is) but as the only kind of biology that matters (which it is not)."

Elsewhere in Nature, science writer Stephen S. Hall may have had the science scoop of the new year with his illuminating profile of Breakthrough Prize winner Cori Bargmann, which appeared in the February 20 issue of Nature, on the very day that the supposedly top-secret prize winners were announced.

Created on Tuesday, February 26, 2013

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