The ASCB’s highest honor for science, the E.B. Wilson Medal is presented at the Annual Meeting of the Society for far-reaching contributions to cell biology over a lifetime in science.

Who is Eligible: An individual who has demonstrated significant and far-reaching contributions to cell biology over a lifetime in science. Nominators must be ASCB members, but the candidate need not be.

How to Apply: Provide a letter of nomination, the candidate’s CV, and no fewer than three, and no more than five, letters of support.

Awards: The winner of the ASCB’s highest honor for science gives the E.B. Wilson Lecture at the Annual Meeting and receives the E.B. Wilson Medal. Meeting registration, economy airfare, up to 4 nights hotel, and up to 4 days per diem to attend the Annual Meeting are paid.
Deadline: May 15 (electronic submission only); send email to

The E.B. Wilson Lecture and Medal Presentation will take place at the Pennsylvania Convention Center in Philadelphia during the 2017 ASCB|EMBO Annual Meeting, December 2-6. The event is scheduled for Tuesday, December 5, at 3:15 pm.

E.B. Wilson Medalists

2017 – Ulrich Hartl and Arthur Horwich
2016 – Mina Bissell
2015 – Elaine V. Fuchs
2014 – William. R. Brinkley, John E. Heuser, and Peter Satir
2013 – John R. Pringle
2012 – Susan L. Lindquist
2011 – Gary G. Borisy, J. Richard McIntosh, and James A. Spudich
2010 – Stuart Kornfeld, James Rothman, and Randy Schekman
2009 – Peter Walter
2008 – Martin Chalfie and Roger Tsien
2007 – Richard O. Hynes and Zena Werb
2006 – Joel Rosenbaum
2005 – Joan Steitz
2004 – Thomas Pollard
2003 – Marc Kirschner
2002 – Avram Hershko and Alexander Varshavsky
2001 – Elizabeth Blackburn
2000 – Walter Neupert and Gottfried Schatz
1999 – Edwin Taylor
1998 – James Darnell and Sheldon Penman
1997 – John C. Gerhart
1996 – Donald D. Brown
1995 – Bruce Nicklas
1994 – Barbara Gibbons and Ian Gibbons
1993 – Hans Ris
1992 – Shinya Inoue
1991 – S. Jonathan Singer
1990 – Morris Karnovsky
1989 – Christian de Duve
1988 – Elizabeth Hay
1987 – Marilyn Farquhar
1986 – Gunter Blobel and D. Sabatini
1985 – H. Swift
1984 – H. Eagle and T. Puck
1983 – Joseph Gall and H. Huxley
1982 – C. Leblond and A. Novikoff
1981 – Daniel Mazia, George Palade, and Keith Porter


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