DORA Organizing Committee

Bruce Alberts
University of California, San Francisco

Stefano Bertuzzi
American Society for Microbiology

David Drubin
University of California, Berkeley
Molecular Biology of the Cell

Lisa Hannan

Mark Leader
American Society for Cell Biology

Michael Marks
University of Pennsylvania Perelman School of Medicine

Tom Misteli
National Institutes of Health

Mark Patterson

Bernd Pulverer

Randy Schekman
University of California, Berkeley

Sandra Schmid
University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center

Erika Shugart
American Society for Cell Biology

Early Data on the Distribution of DORA Signers

An analysis of available data on individual DORA signers as of June 24, 2013, showed that 6% were in the humanities and 94% in scientific disciplines; 46.8% were from Europe, 36.8% from North and Central America, 8.9% from South America, 5.1% from Asia and the Middle East, 1.8% from Australia and New Zealand, and 0.5% from Africa. The distribution of signers by country is shown in the graphic above (all countries listed have at least one signer)

Some Organizations That Have Signed DORA

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