San Francisco Declaration on Research Assessment

Putting science into the assessment of research

There is a pressing need to improve the ways in which the output of scientific research is evaluated by funding agencies, academic institutions, and other parties. To address this issue, a group of editors and publishers of scholarly journals met during the Annual Meeting of The American Society for Cell Biology (ASCB) in San Francisco, CA, on December 16, 2012. The group developed a set of recommendations, referred to as the San Francisco Declaration on Research Assessment. We invite interested parties across all scientific disciplines to indicate their support by adding their names to this Declaration. The outputs from scientific research are many and varied, including: research articles reporting new knowledge, data, reagents, and software; intellectual property; and highly trained young scientists. Funding agencies, institutions that employ scientists, and scientists themselves, all have a desire, and need, to assess the quality and impact of scientific outputs. It is thus imperative that scientific output is measured accurately and evaluated wisely.

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An analysis of available data on individual DORA signers as of June 24, 2013, showed that 6% were in the humanities and 94% in scientific disciplines; 46.8% were from Europe, 36.8% from North and Central America, 8.9% from South America, 5.1% from Asia and the Middle East, 1.8% from Australia and New Zealand, and 0.5% from Africa. The distribution of signers by country is shown in the graphic at right (all countries listed have at least one signer).

Individual Signers

Total: 12504

10 Most Recent Entries

W. Zac Stephens

University of Utah

Wael El-nachef


Rohan Puri

University of Tasmania

Xosé Manuel Meijome

Hospital El bierzo

Nick Plant

University of Surrey

Rosa Anna Uribe


Charlotte Simmler

Center for Natural Product Technologies, University of Illinois at Chicago

Abdullah Alfiaar

PSM Medical city - Riyadh - Saudi Arabia

Pierre-marie Allard

University of Geneva

Jonathan Bisson

University of Illinois at Chicago

Organization Signers

Total: 904

10 Most Recent Entries

International Union of Crystallography

Signed by Peter R. Strickland


Signed by Gilles Mirambeau

Hugo Grotius gGmbH - gemeinnützige Gesellschaft zur Förderung der Rechtswissenschaften

Signed by Andree Kirchner

Old Dominion University

Signed by Sunil Joshi

Department of Biotechnology, Government of India

Signed by Krishnaswamy Vijayraghavan

Journal of European Psychology Students

Signed by Maria Leonora Fatimah Agan

American Society for Microbiology

Signed by Stefano Bertuzzi

University of Birmingham

Signed by Timothy Peter Softley


Signed by Laurie Goodman

University of Liverpool

Signed by Alison Fairclough