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ASCB/Annual ASCB Kaluza Prizes Supported by Beckman Coulter Coulter Kaluza Prizes

In 2014 the American Society for Cell Biology (ASCB), in collaboration with Beckman Coulter Life Sciences, is awarding three cash prizes ($5,000, $3,000, and $1,000*) to honor academic excellence in graduate student research. Seven other finalists will receive travel awards to attend the ASCB/IFCB Annual Meeting in Philadelphia, PA, December 6-10. Six of the top 10 finalists will also be invited to speak at a minisymposium supported by Beckman Coulter at the Annual Meeting. The deadline to apply was July 31, 2014.

All applicants must be ASCB members and either current graduate students or researchers who received their PhD within two years of this year's application deadline. Both U.S. and international scientists are welcome to apply. Applicants who applied in 2013 are permitted to apply again.

A selection committee of renowned experts, chaired by ASCB President Jennifer Lippincott-Schwartz, will evaluate applications based on the significance and originality of scientific achievements in the broadly defined field of cell biology and basic biological sciences.

In keeping with guidelines from the Declaration on Research Assessment (DORA), candidates will be evaluated on the significance of discoveries they have made, not on the impact factor of the journals where results have been published. Candidates are strongly encouraged to articulate clearly and succinctly, in one page or less, what scholarly achievements they are most proud of and why those results could have not been achieved without their specific contribution. Finalists will be asked for a recommendation letter in mid-August.

These prizes are part of a partnership between ASCB and Beckman Coulter Life Sciences to support excellence in science. Both ASCB and Beckman Coulter recognize the challenging times that trainees in biomedical research face. ASCB and Beckman Coulter are both determined to do everything possible to keep from losing the next generation of scientists. Losing the wave of innovation that these young researchers would bring to science would be equivalent to robbing society of its future. The ASCB Kaluza Prizes are a step in a thousand-mile journey that our two organizations want to make together to ensure that science training remains a top priority in the U.S.

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