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ASCB/Beckman Coulter Kaluza Prize

This award is a $5,000 prize, funded by Beckman Coulter, to honor research by a graduate student member of the ASCB. This competition is judged in keeping with guidelines from the San Francisco Declaration on Research Assessment (DORA), which ASCB endorses. Candidates for the ASCB Kaluza Prize supported by Beckman Coulter, Inc., an international biomedical systems manufacturer, are evaluated on the discoveries they make, not on the impact factors of the journals where the results have been published.

This prize is part of a partnership between ASCB and Beckman Coulter to support excellence in science. Both ASCB and Beckman Coulter recognize the challenging times that trainees in biomedical research face. ASCB and Beckman Coulter are both determined to do everything possible to keep from losing the next generation of scientists. Losing the wave of innovation that these young researchers would bring to science would be equivalent to robbing society of its future. The ASCB Kaluza Prize is a step in a thousand-mile journey that our two organizations want to make together to ensure that science training remains a top priority in the U.S.

The ASCB Kaluza Prize supported by Beckman Coulter is named for the German mathematician Theodor Kaluza (1885-1954), who is the namesake of Beckman Coulter's flow cytometry software system. The first ASCB Kaluza winner, Tina Han, received the $5,000 prize at the 2013 ASCB Annual Meeting in New Orleans. Nine other ASCB members (Liron Bar-Peled, Scott Coyle, Nathan Derr, Wenwen Fang, Jonathan Friedman, Ruei-Jiun Hung, Jessica Polka, Chung Yiu, and Jiaxi Wu) were selected as ASCB Beckman Coulter Distinguished Graduate Student Prize recipients, and will receive travel awards to the 2014 ASCB/IFCB Meeting, December 6-10, in Philadelphia, PA.

Information about the 2014 application deadline will be posted soon.

To be eligible, applicants must be ASCB members (or member applicants), a current graduate student or have graduated within the last two years. Applicants must submit a one-page essay describing their research accomplishments (maximum 600 words), plus a CV in one combined PDF.

Not an ASCB member? Grad students can join for $42 at www.ascb.org. Questions? Contact Thea Clarke. For more information on Beckman Coulter, Inc., visit www.beckmancoulter.com.

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