Click on the above image to download the poster PDF to print and share with your colleagues!

Click on the above image to download the poster PDF
to print and share with your colleagues!

Celldance Studios (a.k.a. ASCB’s Public information Committee) will once again underwrite three ASCB member labs at $1,000 each to produce a short (2-5 minute) “Tell Your Own Cell Story” video, featuring live cell imaging and aimed at the public and biology educators. Last year’s Tell Your Own Cell Story videos were a smash success, hailed by Francis Collins in his “NIH Director’s Blog,” as “microscopic blockbusters.”

In 2015, Celldance Studios is looking for three new microscopic blockbusters to unleash on the largest possible audience—the news media, the web, biology educators, and the curious world.

Beyond $1,000 for your lab’s production costs, Celldance Studios will take your rough-cut video through the postproduction process, providing at our expense final professional editing, an original musical score by Hollywood composer Ted Masur, credits, titles, and promotion. Your Celldance video will premiere on the web and live at the ASCB 2015 Annual Meeting in San Diego in December.

What’s a “Tell Your Own Cell Story” video proposal?

Celldance Studios will directly solicit  proposals from ASCB member labs known for their high-quality imaging. In addition, any ASCB member may submit a proposal.

Click here to submit your Celldance proposal

A Celldance proposal doesn’t require a script or a storyboard, only a 1-2 page summary of your cell story plus a sample or two of your lab’s best live cell imaging work. The video clip does not have to illustrate your proposed cell story but it should showcase your lab’s technical prowess.

This is your science story. Tell it visually. Walk us through your latest breakthrough experiment or make visible a classic story such as cell division. Use video imaging to reveal the wonders, dangers, and beauties in your field of research. Consider using yourself on camera to show the world what research biologists really do.

The deadline for nominations is August 15, 2015. We will announce the three chosen proposals in early September. If selected, you will be expected to deliver a rough-cut video to Celldance Studios by Halloween Eve, October 30, 2015. In mid-November, we will need your help with the final edits, music placement, and texts for the finished video.

What happens if my proposal is accepted?

If your proposal is picked, Celldance Studios will immediately give you $1,000 toward your production costs (we’d prefer to give it to you as a non-taxable donation through your university or similar non-profit institution. We know several ways to do that). You can spend this $1,000 on anything to do with your video—materials, facility rentals, or lab staff time. However, we would like to point out that many universities have video production facilities and trained videographers on staff in their public communications offices. Celldance 2014 participants reported that these video services were well worth enlisting.

We will also assign a PIC member to be your producer, acting as go-between the ASCB and you. Your producer will coordinate your work with our professional videographer and composer.

The fine print

ASCB will make all three finished films available for free public streaming or downloading through a Creative Commons license for non-profit, news media, and educational use. All other rights will remain with the filmmakers. To submit a proposal, you must be an ASCB member. We will check.

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