ASCB President

Embracing change to strengthen ASCB

Soon we will meet in Philadelphia for our Annual Meeting, where I will pass the gavel to incoming president Jodi Nunnari. As I prepare for this transition, I reflect on our Society, on the journey that brought us here, and on ASCB’s future. The Values  … Read more

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Understanding nature through description

I had the good fortune to have an exceptionally good anatomy teacher during my first year of medical school. One of the exercises during labs was to identify structures. I recall how adamant he was in expecting us not to rush to a “guess,” even  … Read more

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The Centrality of Cell Biology

My earliest encounter with cell biology occurred when I was in medical school during the early 1970s. The beauty and complexity of the intracellular world had a deep impact on me and quickly sealed my decision to become a scientist. In those days, cell biology  … Read more

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