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Dyche Mullins

On Publishing and the Sneetches: A Wake-up Call?*

*This column reflects the opinions of the authors about commercial academic publishing. Two institutions—learned societies and scientific journals—midwifed a scientific revolution in the 17th century that still dominates our professional lives today. Learned societies like the ASCB remain relevant because they provide forums for sharing  … Read more

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On Research Funding and the Power of Youth

“A person who has not made his great contribution to science before the age of thirty will never do so.” While this quip of Albert Einstein’s certainly does not generally apply to cell biologists, it is well recognized that innovation in science and technology tends to  … Read more

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On Careers and 42

“What is the secret to a successful career in science?” is a question that I often encounter when meeting with students and postdocs at various institutions. It is a loaded question to which there is no tangible answer, and I always enjoy the discussion that  … Read more

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On Reproducibility and Clocks

It is not easy to build a clock. When my daughter got married, I decided to build a clock as an heirloom wedding present. An accomplished designer, Clayton Boyer, offers a variety of plans for clocks that can be built almost entirely out of wood.1  … Read more

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