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Please comment on why you don't comment

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Scientific work progresses through the communication of ideas and almost every scientist I have ever met tends to talk ad nauseum about their research or science in general. Yet as much as scientists like to talk about their work and to publish their work, very few comment on articles. Indeed, every COMPASS Blog post has been read well over 100 times, yet there have been 0 comments. I published one research article that has been read over 22,000 times but has received only eight comments, two of which were our own (1).

I wonder why scientists do not comment on articles? So, rather boldly I ask you to comment below on why you may not typically comment on science articles.

1. Nicholson JM and Ioannidis JP (2012) Research grants: Conform and be funded. Nature 492, 34-36

Josh Nicholson

Josh is currently a graduate student in the lab of Daniela Cimini at Virginia Tech.  He is working towards understanding the role of karyotypic alterations in cancer.  In addition to his interests in cell biology he is also interested in how science is practiced from publishing to funding.

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