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Freedom of Speech: Lab Life Funnies

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dr.-washingtonDr. Washington, PhD
wishes you a happy Fourth.
This Fourth of July, the ASCB Post is celebrating our freedom of expression (political not genetic) with a shout out to two of our favorite practitioners of what is admittedly a very small field—lab humor.

Adam Ruben, author of Surviving Your Stupid, Stupid Decision to Go to Grad School, wrote about generational gaps in the lab this week for Science Careers with "Silverbacks and Whippersnappers." Ruben reports, "I've found it's fun to dazzle the older scientists by using Microsoft Office in adequate ways. 'He's so fast!' the elders will shout. 'How did he do that?' I'll explain that Ctrl+V is a simple shortcut for 'Paste,' and they really should try it sometime, but I know they won't."

Jorge Cham's "PhD Comics" honors the Fourth for the lucky grad students whose advisors give them the holiday off, but not really.

Today, ASCB introduces for its members a perk that a cell biologist can really use! Through your ASCB membership, you now have exclusive access to the ASCB Science Navigator, a three-in-one, online science intelligence gatherer.

Fundamental knowledge of biology is what drives the pharmaceutical industry, James Sabry, Vice President of Partnering at Genentech and an ASCB Council member, told a Biomedical Research Caucus briefing on Capitol Hill Wednesday. And yet the kind of primary research that yields new insights into fundamental biological mechanisms is government-funded through agencies like the National Institutes of Health (NIH), Sabry said. "We can't get a grant from the NIH at Genentech. The money doesn't come to us directly. What comes to us is basic knowledge. Without that, our industry would come to a grinding halt in the United States."

Immigration laws could be changed substantially for the first time since 1986, says CNN reporting Senate passage by a 68 to 32 vote.

For foreigners working legally in the country, the bill addresses hiring and an entry-exit system according to the Huffington Post.

The New York Times reports that this bill provides a 13-year citizenship plan for the 11 million unauthorized immigrants currently living in the US.

The bill would also double US Border Patrol on the Mexican border says the Washington Post.

For details on the bill, click here.

To read the ASCB position paper on immigration reform, click here