Wednesday, 17 July 2013 20:00

3D Print Your Own… Human Organs? Rocket Engines? Mini-me’s?

Written by  ASCB Post Staff
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3d printingWhat do you want to print in 3D?
Photo credit: S Zllayali
Wikimedia Commons
Ever since Jessica Polka, co-chair of ASCB's committee for postdocs and students (COMPASS), published an extremely popular post on how to print your favorite protein in 3D, the media seems to have exploded with articles about 3D printing. Coincidence? You decide. Send us your comments in two dimensions.

The New Scientist reported that NASA has used 3D printing to create a new rocket engine.

"Bioprinting" companies are using 3D printers to create human organs, according toThe Guardian

A design student at Victoria University of Wellington is using bone scans to print 3D custom casts for broken bones, reports Forbes

In your own home, you can now print a "mini-me" using My3DTwin software and a 3D printer you can buy for home use, according to a Time Out London blog. 

For even more 3D printing ideas, Yahoo News lists "15 Surprising Things That Can Be 3D Printed." (They really are surprising).