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Reframing Celldance as ASCB's 'Really Useful' Cell Biology Video Contest

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Falling-MouseIn 2013, Celldance is determined to be really useful. The ASCB's video contest, now in its ninth year, wants to make cell biology perfectly clear, especially for those who teach at the introductory level and for the curious prowling the Web.

The Celldance judges are looking for very short microscopy videos that instantly illustrate basic cell mechanisms and processes. ASCB's Public Information Committee (PIC), which produces Celldance, will make the winning individual video segments really useful by editing them together into Celldance 2013, ASCB's Really Useful Cell Biology Video. Taken as a whole or taken apart, these videos will be extremely suitable for classroom use. Celldance 2013, which is open to ASCB members and member applicants only, will also continue with its separate Public Outreach Award. The Celldance entry deadline is Thursday, October 31, 2013, 5:00 pm Eastern time.

For the best Really Useful video, the Celldance judges will award a cash prize of $500 and a non-transferable complimentary registration for the 2013 ASCB Annual Meeting in New Orleans. There will be a Really Useful second prize of $250 and a third prize of $150. All Celldance winners will receive a Celldance Cyber Trophy, a digital graphic suitable for personal/lab web sites, Facebook, or job talk slides.

For the Really Useful video competition, video subjects might include mitosis, meiosis, cytokinesis, cell motility, or similar classic cell biology processes likely to be covered in an "Intro" course. For the Really Useful videos, the primary judging criteria will be the quality of the video imaging, how well it illustrates the mechanism/process, and how useful this video might be in the classroom. Entries can be silent or they may have sound, music, narration, or additional text, although these other elements will be judged as secondary to the segment's scientific clarity and impact.

In addition, the Celldance Public Outreach Award will continue in 2013 to offer a single cash prize of $250 for a short video of strong artistic or general educational merit that communicates the excitement or importance of cell biology to a public audience. Humor and/or creative artistry are especially welcome.

Winners will be notified in advance and all prizes will be presented Tuesday, December 17, at the ASCB's 2013 Annual Meeting in New Orleans. You don't have to be present to win but you would be missing a really useful opportunity to shine before your ASCB peers.

To see all the rules for Celldance 2013 and to read some truly fine, fine print, click here

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