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New ASCB Committee Members
June 2016 Newsletter

New members have been approved by Council to serve on four committees for three-year renewable terms beginning in 2016. International Affairs Committee Lawrence Banks, Tumor Virology Group Leader, International Centre for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology,  … Read more

Cell News—Biology students get comfy with the quantitative future 

The old joke has gone flat—Biologists were the science kids in high school who couldn’t do math. But biology is increasingly quantitative and is likely to get more so. But how can undergraduates in introductory  … Read more

Congressional Biomedical Research Caucus
June 2016 Newsletter

The Congressional Biomedical Research Caucus held a briefing on May 20, 2016, featuring Han-Xiang Deng of Northwestern University. Deng’s presentation was entitled “Unearthing the Cause of ALS.” To view his presentation, visit

Postdocs Working 9 to 5?
June 2016 Newsletter

A rule just released by the Department of Labor (DOL) may have an important effect on the jobs of postdocs. The new rule arises from a proposal that President Obama announced last summer to extend  … Read more

Who Me? I’m Not Biased: Embracing Diversity to Improve Creativity
June 2016 NewsletterWICB Columns

We recognize race and gender in a split second, thanks to a specialized region of the human visual system.1 Neuroscientists studying the neural basis of prejudice propose that coupling facial recognition to amygdala “fight or  … Read more

ASCB Seeks New Co-Chair of Minorities Affairs Committee
June 2016 Newsletter

The ASCB is accepting applications and nominations for co-chair of the Minorities Affairs Committee (MAC), for a three-year term beginning in January 2017. The MAC, one of the standing committees of the ASCB, has as  … Read more

Valentina Greco and Bo Huang Win 2016 Early Career Award
June 2016 NewsletterAwards

Valentina Greco, Associate Professor of Genetics at Yale University and a member of the Yale Stem Cell Center, and Bo Huang, Associate Professor in the Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry an d Department of Biochemistry and  … Read more