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A Road Less Traveled… Exploring Career Options During the PhD

For 12 weeks at the beginning of this year I was fortunate enough to participate in a fellowship at the National Academies of Science, Engineering, and Medicine. What’s even more exciting is that I was  … Read more

Cell News—Tango lessons for big guys from Barcelona

There has been a rather large hole in our understanding of how the endoplasmic reticulum (ER), the cell’s protein and lipid assembly plant, manages to export very large molecules. A whole array of important but  … Read more

Erika Shugart Named ASCB Executive Director
May 2016 Newsletter

The ASCB Council has named Erika Shugart, PhD, as its new Executive Director, effective June 1. In making the announcement, ASCB President Peter Walter hailed Shugart’s background in bench biology, her skills in science communication,  … Read more

From Axons to Zebrafish, ASCB Outreach Grants Help Kids Learn about Science
May 2016 Newsletter

There were 12 high school students in all, half with autism spectrum disorders (ASD), at a three-day intensive science workshop last August in Brookville, NY. The program was one of 11 funded in part last  … Read more

ASCB-Gibco Emerging Leader Prize Essay
May 2016 Newsletter

In fall 2015, ASCB awarded the first-ever ASCB-Gibco Emerging Leader Prizes to three cell biology researchers. ASCB introduced the prizes to honor not-yet-tenured independent investigators with outstanding scientific accomplishments and strong publication track records. The  … Read more

Mendel’s “Lost” Paper Throws Light on Origins of Reviewer #3
May 2016 Newsletter

It is the ultimate consolation for every researcher who ever published a fabulous paper and got crickets. The paper “Versuche über Pflanzen-Hybriden” by Gregor Mendel was published 150 years ago this year in an obscure  … Read more

Seen on THE CELL
May 2016 NewsletterSeen on The Cell

Looking for big data cellular images? Check out the Data Sets tab at the Cell Image Library. Don’t forget, if you are applying for a grant soon and your funder requires you to post all  … Read more