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The Minority Report—When Simply Adding Numbers is Not Enough

A few weeks ago, Gary McDowell reported on the “Increasing Diversity in a Changing Research Landscape” subgroup held at the 2015 ASCB Annual Meeting. This session provided many suggestions and examples of the initiatives that  … Read more

Fetal Tissue Vital to Medical Research, ASCB Tells Highly Polarized House Panel

Noted stem cell researcher and former chair of the ASCB Public Policy Committee Lawrence Goldstein told a politically charged Congressional subcommittee hearing Wednesday that, “Fetal tissue and cells that would otherwise be discarded play a  … Read more

Cell News—Blocking Prion Proteins at the Source

Prion disease is a molecular hall of mirrors, in which a normal cellular protein, PrPC, is refolded by the pathogenic PrP “scrapie” protein, PrPSc. The very idea of a disease transmitted without bacterial or viral infection  … Read more

New Parkinson’s Target Discovered on a Lark

The latest “lark” research was not by an ornithologist studying birds, rather by a group of Parkinson’s disease researchers investigating the Park8 gene, which encodes the protein, leucine-rich repeat kinase-2 (LRRK2, pronounced “lark 2”), which  … Read more

Cell News—Cardiomyocyte junction protein loss promotes fibrotic gene expression

Desmosomes in cardiomyocytes physically hold the cells together, and allow for electrical signaling to propagate through the heart. These structures are also host to signaling proteins (TGF-β1/p38 MAPK) that have been found to be dysregulated  … Read more

To Improve Reproducibility, Do-It-Yourself, Daniel Klionsky Tells Researchers

In 2012, Daniel Klionsky pulled off the scientific equivalent of successfully herding cats. He convinced 2,400 of his colleagues in the field of autophagy to sign on as co-authors of a report proposing standardized research  … Read more

Consensus grows on preprints in biology

On February 16-17 at HHMI Headquarters outside of Washington, DC, 70 attendees (junior and senior scientists, representatives from funding agencies, publishers, editors, postdocs, and Nobel Laureates) came together for ASAPbio, a meeting to discuss the  … Read more