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On Cell Biology and Awesomeness – By Peter Walter
January 2016 NewsletterPresident's Columns

What is cell biology? I get this question frequently when I speak about my profession with people outside the inner circles of science. Since beginning my term as President of the ASCB the answer to the question needs to  … Read more

Your Donation to ASCB Goes a Long Way
January 2016 Newsletter

In 2015 your generous, tax-deductible donations helped provide Postdoctoral Travel Awards, Graduate Student Travel Awards, Junior Faculty Travel Awards, Minority Travel Awards, International Travel Awards, and Childcare Awards. In addition, your contributions provided support to  … Read more

Top Stories from the ASCB Post
January 2016 Newsletter

Brain Cancer Self-Organizes into Streams, Swirls, and Spheres Brain cancer is not anarchy, a leaderless mob of deranged cells storming through the body. Pedro Lowenstein, Sebastien Motsch, and colleagues at the University of Michigan and  … Read more

Upcoming Local Meetings
January 2016 Newsletter

ASCB is pleased to provide funds for graduate students, postdocs, and community college instructors to organize one-day local meetings. Such meetings usually involve two or more institutions (within the United States or international), and topics  … Read more

Jane Lubchenco’s Keynote at ASCB 2015
January 2016 Newsletter

Not Every Scientist Should Do Public Communications, But All Scientists Should Support Those Who Do—Jane Lubchenco’s Keynote at ASCB 2015 Jane Lubchenco, a professor of marine ecology at Oregon State University, the former Administrator of  … Read more

Porter Lecture: What’s True about the Canonical Genome, Except When It’s Not
January 2016 Newsletter

The book world usually provides the metaphors for genomics, likening genes to words or chapters, but in his Keith Porter Lecture at ASCB 2015 last December, Jonathan Weissman compared the human genome to music. We  … Read more

From the COPD Clinic to the Dicty Lab, Corrine Kliment Travels in Search of a Breakthrough for Deadly Lung Disease
January 2016 Newsletter

They can be housed in the same complex or even the same building, but the usual distance between basic research and clinical application is vast. However, there are researchers like ASCB member Corrine Kliment who  … Read more