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Run for Your Life: Exercise Protects against Cancer

When you’re pounding along an icy pavement or sweating through a gym workout, you try to remind yourself of the many health benefits of exercise. Between gasps, you can say that a healthy, fit lifestyle  … Read more

Cell News—How a rare class of antibodies neutralizes the HIV-1 virus

The Holy Grail in the search for an HIV-1 vaccine is the “broadly neutralizing antibody” or bNAb. The target for all immune antibodies attacking HIV-1 is the virus’s glycoprotein envelope (Env), which is a complicated  … Read more

Cell News—Seeing the leaves for the forest

Did you have a high school biology teacher who was keen on taxonomy and keying out tree species? If you discovered that the real forest and the keyed forest in your handbook didn’t always match,  … Read more

Improving Scientific Efficiency

Science progresses by asking questions and by challenging established concepts and proposing new ones. The key to the success and prosperity of any nation lies in the effective combination of three factors: technology, raw material,  … Read more