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Hongtao Yu Combines Structure and Function to Solve the Mitotic Mystery of Separase

I remember the first time I saw a movie of chromosomes aligned at metaphase in a dividing cell. I was in seventh grade and my 13-year-old mind was largely focused elsewhere but those first images  … Read more

Rumors or the Wave of the Future? Who Should Climb on the Preprint Bandwagon?

    Suddenly preprints are the hot new way for biologists to share their research. Preprint servers allow researchers to post research and get feedback before publication in a peer-reviewed journal. Advocates say that preprints  … Read more

How to choose a good mentor

A critical decision for a young scientist is choosing a mentor. Often when new students begin graduate school, they have ambiguous and maybe misguided ideas about how to choose a thesis advisor/principal investigator (PI). It  … Read more

Targeted by Wastebooks, Basic Researchers Fight Back on Capitol Hill

Last December, Sheila Patek, a Duke University biologist who studies the mechanics of movement in, among other organisms, the Panamanian mantis shrimp, had her worst fears realized. An email arrived at her lab from a  … Read more

Cell News—Could GMO Xenotransplants Break the Donor Bottleneck?

The name may evoke images of “The Island of Dr. Moreau” or of countless comic book superheroes who are human-animal hybrids but the reality of xenotransplants is a lot less macabre and a lot more  … Read more

Cell News—Elephantnose, my eye!

An Elephantnose might sound like a stage prop from circus freak shows of a bygone era, but this very real creature, Gnathonemus petersii, is a popular aquarium fish that originally hails from murky rivers in  … Read more

How to choose a research area

Often in our scientific careers we are faced with the question of how to choose an area of research to pursue. As a graduate student picking a laboratory in which to do a PhD, a  … Read more