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Leticia Vega
Critical Career Transitions: So I Got Tenure, Now What?
June 2018 Newsletter

Three pillars of faculty development at most institutions are teaching, scholarship, and service. Though much attention has been given to recruiting and retaining a diverse pool of scientists (including cell biologists) from graduate school though  … Read more

Finding your grad school family

The scientific community is comprised mostly of transplants–people who work or study somewhere far from home and family. I find that grad school tends to take us even further from home. Many of my colleagues,  … Read more

James Maller
In Memoriam: James L. Maller, Leading Researcher in Cell Cycle and Signal Transduction
June 2018 NewsletterIn Memoriam

Long-time ASCB member James L. Maller passed away on January 18, 2018, in a tragic auto accident. Jim was a professor at the University of Colorado Medical School for over 30 years. He was a  … Read more

ASCB leadership “shocked and saddened” by Supreme Court travel decision

In a letter to ASCB members, Jodi Nunnari, ASCB President, Andrew Murray, President-Elect, and Pietro De Camilli, Past President, said the decision by the United States Supreme Court to uphold the Trump Administration ban on  … Read more

Mentoring undergraduates: all you need to know to help your summer student

This is another post in a series highlighting the collaboration between COMPASS and CBE—Life Sciences Education (LSE)–featuring some of the exciting work that is being done to understand how we learn about science and how  … Read more

Toward a MIRAtocracy: An Interview with NIGMS Director Jon Lorsch
June 2018 NewsletterPresident's Columns

Jon Lorsch is arguably one of the most influential scientific public leaders in the United States for the ASCB constituency. As Director of the National Institute of General Medicial Sciences (NIGMS) since 2013, he guides  … Read more

Moving from diversity to inclusion

June is Pride month, and so many articles will get written and posted this month promoting LGBTQ+ diversity in various organizations and institutions. We are fortunate that the ASCB recognizes the value of diversity and  … Read more