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Putting active learning into practice: an interview with PALM fellow Christopher Baker and PALM mentor Michelle Smith

This blog post originally appeared on Genes to Genomes, the Genetics Society of America blog. Are you a postdoc looking for hands-on education experience and mentoring? Or a faculty member interested in bringing evidence-based, effective  … Read more

Establish an official postdoctoral association in five easy steps

Transitions to new career stages are always critical steps in one’s life. Whether you are moving on to be an undergraduate, graduate student, or postdoc, it is always comforting to have a group of people  … Read more

Two Former ASCB Presidents Win Breakthrough Prizes

Two past Presidents of the American Society for Cell Biology (ASCB), Don Cleveland and Peter Walter, are among the winners of the 2018 Breakthrough Prize in Biomedical Research. Cleveland, a researcher at the University of  … Read more

Special Interest Subgroup: Advanced Imaging for Quantitative Cell Biology

These days, cell biologists have more tools than ever in their imaging toolbox. During Saturday’s Special Interest Subgroup: Advanced Imaging for Quantitative Cell Biology at the 2017 ASCB|EMBO Meeting, speakers provided a survey of some  … Read more

Senate passes tax bill in the dark of the night
In The News

Just after 2 am December 2, the United States Senate passed a bill that makes significant changes to the American tax system. Days earlier, the House of Representatives passed a similar bill. One of the  … Read more

Spotlight on 2017 Fall COMPASS outreach grant recipients

Science outreach can be many things—teaching and inspiring a younger generation of scientists, communicating results in an accessible way to the public, or engaging in public advocacy for things like increased government science funding or  … Read more

Largest conference of cell biologists from across the globe to gather in Philadelphia December 2-6

MEDIA ADVISORY Latest research trends in cell biology focus on advanced techniques in cell imaging, a deeper understanding of the cell in the context of other scientific disciplines, and better diagnosis and treatment of disease  … Read more