Pushing the boundaries of cell biology: Highlights of the 2017 ASCB|EMBO meeting
ASCB NewsletterFebruary 2018 Newsletter

Nearly 7,000 scientists gathered in Philadelphia in December to learn, share, network, and celebrate all things cell biology at the 2017 ASCB|EMBO Meeting. The five-day meeting included daily poster sessions featuring more than 2,500 posters, six major Symposia, 25 Minisymposia, 18 Microsymposia, 24 Member-Organized Special  … Read more

Scientific societies join forces to increase diversity in STEM

With the support of the National Science Foundation, the American Society for Cell Biology and the Biophysical Society have joined an effort to create the Alliance of Scientific Societies for broad participation in STEM for the next generation of scientists. The founding partners include the  … Read more

Special Interest Subgroup: Advanced Imaging for Quantitative Cell Biology

These days, cell biologists have more tools than ever in their imaging toolbox. During Saturday’s Special Interest Subgroup: Advanced Imaging for Quantitative Cell Biology at the 2017 ASCB|EMBO Meeting, speakers provided a survey of some of the latest methods used to visualize cell structure, components,  … Read more

Symposium to focus on cell interactions both helpful and deadly
November/December 2017 Newsletter

Cells do not exist in isolation but in association with one another within tissues, in organs, and within bodily fluids. At the 2017 ASCB|EMBO Meeting, the Symposium on Cell Interactions will address some of the ways cells communicate, influence each other, and impact their surroundings  … Read more

ASCB members share important research through Celldance “Tell your own cell story” videos
November/December 2017 Newsletter

The beloved Celldance video program is back for 2017, with more dazzling cell videos—reminding us of the stunning beauty as well as the practical significance of cell biology research. Celldance is a program supported by the ASCB Public Information Committee to promote public engagement and  … Read more

Symposium explores metabolism at the cellular level
November/December 2017 Newsletter

In Western nations, obesity and diabetes have led to a form of fatty liver disease (FLD) that, in certain individuals, can progress to cirrhosis and deadly liver cancer. How and why these life-threatening medical conditions develop remain unclear. This will be one of the topics  … Read more

Ethical and Inspiring Mentorship in STEM symposium

Among the many roles that scientists play, mentoring younger scientists is one for which researchers are rarely trained. In the current STEM research environment, where lack of funding is but one of the systemic issues young scientists face, the roles, responsibilities, and career trajectories are  … Read more

Baumeister, Lippincott-Schwartz, and Voeltz on the structure of the cell
October 2017 Newsletter

Since Robert Hooke first observed cork under a microscope in 1665, cell biologists have been trying to understand the complex structure of these tiny life units. Presenters at a Symposium on the Structure of the Cell, slated for Sunday, December 3, at 8:00 am at  … Read more

The Cell Biology of Neurons Symposium
October 2017 Newsletter

The Cell Biology of Neurons—how these specialized cells develop their branched morphology, how they transport signals, and how neurobiological mutations impact human disease—is the topic of a Symposium to be held Monday, December 4, at 8:00 am during the 2017 ASCB|EMBO Meeting. Understanding the molecular  … Read more

Neurobiologist, Immunologist honored with 2017 Louis-Jeantet Prize for medicine
October 2017 NewsletterAwards

Neurobiologist Silvia Arber of Switzerland and immunologist Caetano Reis e Sousa of Portugal were named the winners of the 2017 Louis-Jeantet Prize for Medicine. Both will present lectures during the 2017 ASCB|EMBO Meeting in Philadelphia. Arber, professor of neurobiology at the Biozentrum, University of Basel,  … Read more