How Cell Biologists Work: Valentina Greco on cultivating a passionate research team

Valentina Greco is an Associate Professor in the Departments of Genetics, Cell Biology and Dermatology at Yale University, and is a member of the Yale School of Medicine Stem Cell Center and Cancer Center. The Greco lab is shedding new light on the mysterious lives  … Read more

Peer mentoring: colleagues as a resource for your career development
October 2017 NewsletterWICB Columns

“Find a good mentor.” At each level of our career, this is the advice we receive from well-meaning advisors.1 Professional development panels always include advice on the importance of cultivating mentoring relationships with more-established scientists. These vertical relationships are critical to strengthening your career, but  … Read more

What’s next after a PhD?
October 2017 NewsletterDear Labby

Dear Labby, I am about 18 months from filing my PhD thesis (finally) and I am considering my post-PhD options. I am thinking not only about a postdoc but also about whether to join a company directly. With a postdoc, I might be competitive for  … Read more

You’re not alone: postdoctoral associations as a way to create a supportive network

The world “postdoc” simply means “after doctorate,” which does not define the job, but rather simply states that one got a PhD. For me, it is like being a frog in the tadpole with legs stage: I don’t look like a tadpole anymore, but I  … Read more

Career enhancement sessions provide diverse offerings for meeting attendees
September 2017 Newsletter

Along with the myriad scientific speeches, talks, and Symposia offered at the 2017 ASCB|EMBO Meeting in Philadelphia this December, the meeting provides attendees with more than three dozen career enhancement and special interest learning sessions. These sessions cover a broad array of topics to interest  … Read more

Scientists without borders: Club SciWri

It was a crisp fall afternoon when I attended a lecture by Ananda Ghosh on technology transfer at Albert Einstein College of Medicine. I thoroughly enjoyed the talk and like always, I decided to connect with the speaker on LinkedIn. While browsing Ananda’s LinkedIn profile,  … Read more

The importance of mentorship: how to make the most of who you know

Right after handing in my doctoral thesis I had the great opportunity to intern with Cancer Research UK, which is one of the most active science funding bodies in Europe and one of the most interesting places to work that I have ever come across.  … Read more

PhDs explore the leap from research science to commerce
September 2017 Newsletter

As life science PhD students and postdocs scan the horizon for possible careers, many are turning to the one-week ASCB­–Keck Graduate Institute (KGI) course Managing Science in the Biotech Industry to learn what a biosciences industry future looks like. “What we’ve found is that the  … Read more

MAC Holds 2017 Faculty Research and Education Development Program
September 2017 Newsletter

On July 13, 2017, the ASCB Minorities Affairs Committee (MAC) kicked off its annual Faculty Research and Education Development (FRED) Program in Seattle, WA. The FRED Program is a year-long program to promote grant funding success of junior faculty at institutions with a strong commitment  … Read more

Taking the Terror out of Random Call
September 2017 NewsletterEdComm

Regardless of our current role in academe, education—for us and for our students—is central to our identity as scientists. With that in mind, the ASCB Education Committee (EdComm) is pleased to offer Office Hours with EdComm, a column addressing broad issues in education, ranging from  … Read more