Moscone Center
Glowing Stem Cell Structures Light a Path Toward Understanding

Getting a clearer view inside a normal cell is a critical part of understanding what goes wrong when disease sets things awry. At Saturday’s sub-group meeting on the biology of stem cells, the Allen Institute for Cell Science debuted the first group of human induced  … Read more

E.E. Just Award—Daniel Colón-Ramos

Daniel Alfonso Colón-Ramos always liked asking questions. Growing up in Puerto Rico, his questions earned him a lousy reputation among teachers. But now as a professor of Cell Biology and Neuroscience at Yale, Colón-Ramos’ endless inquiries have led him to win ASCB’s 2016 E.E. Just  … Read more

Mechanical Forces in Cell Biology

When Valerie Weaver brought her first and, at that point, only graduate student to the 2000 ASCB Annual Meeting, her University of Pennsylvania (Penn) bioengineering student wasn’t happy. “She complained that there were hardly any engineers at the meeting,” Weaver recalls with a laugh. “The  … Read more

Keynote address-Richard Lifton, the new President of Rockefeller University

  Rick Lifton was moving house. After 23 years in New Haven at Yale, Lifton was packing up last July for Manhattan where on September 1, he would become the 11th President of the Rockefeller University. The job comes with an on-campus residence, a spectacular  … Read more

A Bacterial Aphrodisiac and Zika’s Cellular Damager are Among Top ASCB 2016 Picks by Public Information Committee

A bacterial aphrodisiac, tissue origami, amyloid proteins protecting dormant eggs, and exactly how the Zika virus damages cells—these discoveries are among the ten top research abstracts selected by ASCB’s Public Information Committee (PIC) for its Honor list of “novel & newsworthy” science being presented December  … Read more

Doorstep Meeting—The Cell Biology of Cancer

A doorstep meeting is an arrival and a departure in one, so the name suits the ASCB’s first-ever “doorstep” meeting on the Cell Biology of Cancer. It will be both. The Cell Biology of Cancer is certainly a departure for ASCB, which has never held  … Read more

JCB’s First Alan Hall Travel Award Sends Hopkins Grad Student to ASCB 2016

The spirit of Alan Hall is sending grad student Bram Lambrus to San Francisco this week to present a poster on Monday at ASCB 2016. Lambrus is the winner of the first Alan Hall Travel Award set up by the Journal of Cell Biology (JCB) in  … Read more