Fat Night at the Movies-Simons Foundation film

You can BYOP (bring your own popcorn) but you might change your mind about the butter after seeing a special premiere at ASCB 2016 on Monday, December 5, of  “A Brief History of Fat.” It’s a new 20-minute film by veteran TV news and documentary producer  … Read more

Grant Jensen
Workshop Cryo-EM-Grant Jensen

A type IV pilus is a bacterial grappling hook and one of the snazziest pieces of bacterial cell machinery going. The pilus is created by a type IV pilus machine (T4PM) that pushes out a pilus thread, grabs a substrate, and, hauling back the thread,  … Read more

Zooming in on Imaging with New Technologies

Biologists now can see more clearly inside cells than ever have been able to before. But there are advantages and challenges to each of the new imaging technologies becoming available. So some of the brightest minds in cell imaging spoke Sunday at an afternoon workshop  … Read more

Cancer Cells Exploit Schwann Cells to Spread

Researchers have known for over a century that cancer can spread along nerves as well as moving through the bloodstream and the lymph nodes. But little attention has been paid to the mechanisms of what’s known as perineural invasion. Until now. Researchers at Memorial Sloan-Kettering  … Read more

Three New ASCB Celldance Video Awards Take You Inside Living Cells

Riding a wave of powerful new imaging technologies, three ASCB member labs will take you inside the world of living cells with the release, December 5, of three short 2016 Celldance videos at the ASCB Annual Meeting in San Francisco. Scientists, students, and the public  … Read more

Symposium Preview: "Quality Control"
Quality Control

Protein folding is a problem that was born complex and shows few signs of getting simpler. Ever since Cyrus Levinthal posed his eponymous paradox in 1969 that an unfolded polypeptide chain offered an astronomical number of theoretical folding states, researchers have wrestled with the problem of  … Read more

Disease Informing Cell Biology

“Pointing cell biology towards disease has brought so many important insights into pathogenesis. It’s from the cell biology that the next wave of treatments will emerge,” says Joseph Gleeson, Howard Hughes Medical Institute (HHMI) investigator and an attending physician in the Laboratory of Pediatric Brain  … Read more

Elevator Speech Contest
In The News

The premise of the One-Minute Elevator Speech Contest https://www.ascb.org/2016meeting/elevator-speech-contest/ is simple: The elevator door closes and you’ve got a trapped audience – a U.S. Senator, your dean, or Taylor Swift. Go for it! Sell your science in 60 seconds!  If you’re attending ASCB 2016, you can  … Read more

Keith Porter Lecture—Eva Nogales

Eva Nogales, a University of California, Berkeley professor, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory senior faculty member, and Howard Hughes Medical Institute investigator, will give the 2016 Keith Porter Lecture at ASCB 2016 this December in San Francisco. Nogales has revolutionized the structural study of proteins frozen  … Read more

Nanoparticles Probe Cell Signals Precisely

We may know a great deal about how cells interact with their environment and each other, but we haven’t been able to get down to the nitty-gritty of how those signal pathways work at a molecular, or even cell-wide, level. Traditional tools like atomic force  … Read more