The meeting will discuss the functional roles of the ubiquitin system, how it works to ensure normal signal transduction, what are the pathological consequences when it is perturbed and how we may be able to address such perturbance therapeutically in various diseases including cancer, autoimmunity and neurodegeneration.

Confirmed speakers include Michael Rape (UC Berkeley), Ivan Dikic (Frankfurt Center for Autophagy and Ubiquitin Research – FCAR), Kim Newton (Genentech Inc), Domagoj Vucic (Genentech Inc), Eric Bennett (UC San Diego), Florian Bassermann (Technical University of Munich), Mads Gyrd-Hansen (Ludwig Institute for Cancer Research), Helle Ulrich (Institute of Molecular Biology – IMB), Eric Baehrecke (UMass Medical School), Pascal Meier (ICR London), Anne Bertolotti (LMB Cambridge), Richard Youle (NIH), Jonathon Pines (ICR London) and Geert van Loo (VIB-UGent Center for Inflammation Research).

Conference website: https://www.fusion-conferences.com/conference77.php

Leeann Kirchner

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