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Dear Senator / Congressman:


I am a basic biomedical researcher at (MY INSTITUTION). My research involves (BLANK) and if successful, could one day lead to (BLANK). My research is supported by grants from the (NIH / NSF). This grant funds our research and helps employ (X) researchers and other staff.


I am writing to you because the results of the 2016 national election have caused my colleagues, family, and me a great deal of distress about the federal government’s future support for the American biomedical research enterprise, led by the U.S. National Institutes of Health (NIH) and the U.S. National Science Foundation (NSF). The American biomedical community, thanks largely to the support of the NIH and NSF, is currently the leading research community in the world. That leadership position is not guaranteed, however. Without continued support for both agencies and strong support for science and the cutting edge research done in the United States, other nations could quickly overtake our leadership position.


The President-elect and the officials he is appointing do not appear to support many of the areas of research necessary for the U.S. scientific community to remain competitive with the rest of the world. This research is largely responsible for the advances in medical care we take for granted today and will be necessary for future development of treatments and cures for some of the most debilitating diseases Americans currently face. There is no doubt that these scientific advances will be made. The only questions are how long patients will have to wait and whether the discoveries be will made in America.


As the first weeks and months of the new Trump Administration develop, I am depending on you to be a strong voice of support for the research done at (MY INSTITUTION) and at research institutions across the United States. I will also look to you to strongly oppose appointments and decisions that could be harmful to American science, the biomedical enterprise, and ultimately American citizens.


Thank you for your continued support for medical research. I am always willing to provide whatever advice you may need and would be pleased to welcome you or your staff into our research lab to allow you to gain a firsthand understanding of the research we do here at (MY INSTITUTION).









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