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Dear ___

The Trump Administration has recently released the general outlines of its FY2018 budget proposal and, as you know, it contains significant cuts to important domestic programs.

I am a biomedical researcher at INSTITUTION. My research focuses on BRIEFLY DESCRIBE YOUR RESEARCH AND ITS POTENTIAL HEALTH BENEFITS. My research is funded through the National Institutes of Health (NIH). The 18% cut to the NIH budget, as called for in President Trump’s budget proposal, would be devastating to my research and to American biomedical research.

As Congress begins to construct the FY18 budget, beginning with the FY18 Budget Resolution, I hope I can count on you to oppose cuts to the NIH of the size proposed by the President. Please keep in mind the important role the NIH plays in our community and the nation. Funds allocated through the NIH budget have significant economic benefit to communities with NIH-funded research institutions and to the companies in other parts of the United States that produce the equipment research laboratories need to conduct their research.

I hope you will carefully consider the benefits that NIH funding has on local, state, and national economies and the drastic impact cuts to the NIH would have on research and our national reputation as a world leader in biomedical research.



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Will Pierce

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