Mission Statement

ASCB is an inclusive, international community of biologists studying the cell, the fundamental unit of life. We are dedicated to advancing scientific discovery, advocating sound research policies, improving education, promoting professional development, and increasing diversity in the scientific workforce.


Pietro De Camilli

Yale University School of Medicine

Gary J. Gorbsky

Oklahoma Medical Research Foundation

Kathleen J. Green

Northwestern University - Feinberg School of Medicine

Shirley M. Tilghman

Past President
Princeton University

Peter Walter

University of California - San Francisco

Council Members

John K. Haynes

Morehouse College

Term Ending: 2018

Rebecca Heald

University of California - Berkeley

Term Ending: 2018

Anthony A. Hyman

Max Planck Institute of Molecular Cell Biology and Genetics

Term Ending: 2017

Ian G. Macara

Vanderbilt University Medical Center

Term Ending: 2016

Ira Mellman

Genentech, Inc.

Term Ending: 2017

Tom Misteli


Term Ending: 2016

Denise J. Montell

University of California - Santa Barbara

Term Ending: 2017

Jodi Nunnari

University of California-Davis

Term Ending: 2016

Samara Reck Peterson

University of California - San Diego

Term Ending: 2017

Anne Spang

University of Basel-Biozentrum

Term Ending: 2018

Claire E. Walczak

Indiana University

Term Ending: 2016

Ora A. Weisz

University of Pittsburg School of Medicine

Term Ending: 2018

Committee Chairs

Simon Atkinson

Public Information Chair

Diane L. Barber

Women in Cell Biology Chair

Andrew G. Campbell

Minority Affairs Co-Chair

Gary J. Gorbsky

Finance & Audit Chair

Kathleen J. Green

Membership Chair

Pinar Gurel


Connie M. Lee

Public Policy Chair

Franklin Carerro Martinez

Minority Affairs Co-Chair

Bruno Da Rocha-Azevedo


Jennifer Lippincott Schwartz

Nominating Chair

Jonathan S. Weissman

Program Chair

Susan M. Wick

Education Chair

Yixian Zheng

International Affairs Chair

Executive Office

Cheryl Lehr

Executive Assistant


Executive Director


Thea Clarke

Director of Communications and Education

John Fleischman

Senior Science Writer

Leann Kirchner

Production Coordinator

Christina Szalinski

Science Writer/Program Coordinator

Committee Liaisons

Marta Chacon

Membership Committee Liaison

Thea Clarke

Education Committee Liaison

John Fleischman

Public Information Committee Liaison

Desirée Salazar

IAC, WICB, MAC Committee Liaison

Christina Szalinski

Postdocs/Grad Students Committee Liaison

Editors in Chief

Erin Dolan


David Drubin



Thea Clarke

Director of Communications and Education

Finance & Administration

Kam Fei (Winny) Cheng

Accounting Assistant

Cynthia Godes

Senior Director of Finance & Administration

Kelly McManus

Accounting Manager


Shannon Behrman

iBiology Associate Director

Sarah Goodwin

iBiology Director

Eric Kornblum

iBiology Videographer

Information Technology

Justin Brantley

IT Support Specialist

Martin Koslof

.NET Developer

Mike McCormack

Chief Technology Officer


Louise Campbell Blair

Director, Business Development

Alison Harris

Director of Meetings

Heather Kyler

Meeting Manager


Marta Chacon

Membership Manager

Mike McCormack

Chief Technology Officer

Public Policy

Lynn Marquis

Coalition for the Life Sciences Director


Eric Baker

MBoC Journal Production Manager

Thea Clarke

LSE Journal Production Manager

Mark Leader

Director of Publications and Newsletter Editor