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T h e A m e r i c a n s o c i e t y f o r C e l l B i o l o g y
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Page 2
Compounds that inhibit prostate cancer cell metastasis identified
in pomegranate juice
Manuela Martins-Green and Lei Wang, University of California, Riverside
Page 3
A ubiquitous sugar molecule, hyaluronan shows a new role in
repairing deep wounds without scarring
Cornelia Tölg and Eva Turley, London (Ontario) Health Sciences Centre/
London Regional Cancer Program
Page 4
Transplanting bone marrow as a bioengineered implant
in the skin could raise blood-making stem cell survival rates
Jungwoo Lee, Massachusetts General Hospital
Page 5
Two diverse pathogens, Toxoplasma and Chlamydia, share a
sickening evolutionary trick
Julia D. Romano, Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health
Page 6
A grow-your-own-insulin transplant strategy for men with type I
diabetes would turn sperm cell precursors into pancreatic islets
Ian Gallicano, Georgetown University Medical Center
Page 7
Deleting the ghrelin receptor, but not ghrelin, keeps aging mice
youthfully thin
Yuxiang Sun, Baylor College of Medicine
Page 8
The trypanosome behind African sleeping sickness reveals an
unexpected talent for social behavior and communication
Kent Hill, University of California, Los Angeles
Page 9
New intravital microscopy finds clear differences between in vitro
and in vivo studies
Roberto Weigert, National Institutes of Health, NIDCR
Page 10
Like the fairy princess on the mattress pile, stem cells can feel
what’s under the bedding
Amnon Buxboim, University of Pennsylvania
Page 11
A gene transcription factor rescues mitochondrial energy
and clears protein clumps from the brains of mice modeling
Huntington’s disease
Albert R. La Spada, University of California, San Diego
Page 12
A laboratory zebrafish models a rare genetic immune disorder
that threatens newborns
Qing Deng and Anna Huttenlocher, University of Wisconsin–Madison
School of Medicine
Page 13
Mice reveal how defective cell division could drive human
primordial dwarfism
Stephen Doxsey, University of Massachusetts Medical School
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Cell Biology 2010
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Lab door, photograph courtesy of Lynne Cassimeris, Lehigh University;
intravital confocal image of ectopic bone marrow implant, courtesy of Jungwoo Lee,
Massachusetts General Hospital.
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