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Dear Science Journalist:
Cell biology was a novel science 50 years ago when the American Society for Cell Biology (ASCB)
held its first Annual Meeting in Chicago. The meeting had 844 attendees. This year, thousands of
scientists from all over the globe will gather in Philadelphia December 11–15, 2010, for ASCB’s
50th Annual Meeting, the largest yearly gathering of research cell biologists in the world. It’s also
the leading-edge forum for understanding health and disease through the cell, the fundamental
unit of life.
Whereas ASCB’s first conference featured three symposia, this 50th Annual Meeting will include
more than 100 scientific sessions and approximately 3,500 additional poster presentations over
five days. To make some sense of this heady mix, the Society’s Public Information Committee
(PIC) publishes
Cell Biology 2010,
a press guide for science journalists. PIC’s scientist–members
“peer screen” all the abstracts submitted for panel presentation and score the abstracts to narrow
down the list to our “Novel & Newsworthy” top picks. These stories are but the “tip of the iceberg”
for new science at ASCB. As always at this major scientific meeting, nothing is officially endorsed
and everything is up for discussion. Still, the best way for a science journalist to discover the big
news in research biology is to come and look for yourself.
Here are media-friendly tips for covering the ASCB Annual Meeting.
Find your own news angle:
Wherever you’re based, there’s probably scientific news from home at
the ASCB Annual Meeting. Go to
and click on “Abstracts/Posters” and
then select “Itinerary Planner.” You can search by keyword, session title, institution, and/or any
author’s last name. Through the same link, you can download a PDF of the advance
Meeting Program
and check out Symposia and Minisymposia presentations.
Sign up for ASCB “Working Press” credentials online or onsite:
Journalists can register online
throughWednesday, December 1, 2010, at
Once registered, journalists will find their press badges waiting at the ASCB Newsroom, Room
303A of the Pennsylvania Convention Center, starting at 8:00 am, Saturday, December 11, 2010.
Walk-up “Working Press” registration will also be available onsite in Philadelphia. Note: All
journalists must bring professional—and personal—identification to the ASCB Newsroom.
Cover breaking science stories at the ASCB Annual Meeting from your desk:
We can help set up
interviews with scientific newsmakers at the meeting or pull you into press briefings by
conference phone. Contact ASCB Annual Meeting Media Manager Cathy Yarbrough at
858-243-1814 (before December 10), or 215-418-5306 (ASCB News-
room in Philadelphia, December 11–15).
All “Novel & Newsworthy” news stories are embargoed against broadcast and publication until 10:00 am,
Eastern Time, on the day of presentation.
See each “Novel & Newsworthy” story for details, and check
with the ASCB Newsroom for any embargo extensions.
For more information:
Contact ASCB ScienceWriter John Fleischman at
513-929-4635 (before December 10) or 513-706-0212 (December 11–15).
See you in Philadelphia.
Rex Chisholm,
Chair, ASCB Public Information Committee
Joan R. Goldberg,
ASCB Executive Director
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