2002 ASCB Annual Meeting Press Book - page 3

Table of Contents
2 “Dear science journalist”
The facts on covering the Annual Meeting.
3 Taking Aim at the Failing Heart
The future of molecular medicine requires hitting not only the right cell but
the right part of the right cell.
4 Bone Marrow Stem Cells Can Renew Muscle and Brain
New evidence from bone marrow stem cells
suggest that transdifferentiation may be a regular part of life.
5 The Stem Cells of Human Kindness: The Source of Pregnancy’s
Anti-Cancer Effects?
How does mother’s milk convey breast cancer protection
to the mother?
6 Putting Stem Cells to the Test
Liver-derived stem cells from a male rat
produce bone marrow cells in female mice.
7 Unmasking Sleeping Sickness: ‘Old’ Antibiotics May Offer NewWays
to Treat a Third World Plague
An antibiotic used in soap and toothpaste may
pierce the armor of the parasite behind this killer disease.
8 The Geologist’s Delight, the Cell Biologist’s Dilemma
An organelle in a prokaryote? Don’t tell the
magnetotactic bacteria.
9 Safe from Harm: A New Agent to Protect Fertility During Cancer Therapy
Shielding a female’s
precious eggs from anti-cancer radiation treatment.
10 Genes Tied to Ovarian Cancer Could Be Long-Sought Early Markers
Ovarian cancer can be treated if caught early. Are these the signs for early warning?
11 Well-done Meat and Herbal Tonics Affect Important Breast Cancer
Cell Growth Pathways
Health food stores carry these tonics widely touted as
alternative anti-cancer therapies.
12 Tracing a Deadly Family Resemblance
Huntington’s belongs to a nasty
family of genetic disorders with one thing in common—CAG over and over.
13 Does Bone Cell Aging Cause Osteoporosis?
Old bones, explained.
14 The Drink That Refreshes Your Mitochondria?
Oolong tea might pep you up
on the cellular level.
15 Touched By Ecstasy, Forever
The “club drug,” MDMA, may dance its way
into a vital cellular pathway, JAK/STAT.
Cover Images: “A” Block, top: G. Smith; side: I. Shiraishi. “T” Block, top: G. Smith; side: P. J. Morin. “G” Block: WHO/TRD; “C” block: I. Shiraishi.
Cell Biology 2002
is published by the Public Information Committee of the American Society for Cell Biology. Katherine L. Wilson is chair. Its members
are Simon Atkinson, Rex Chisholm, Mary Dasso, Tom Egelhoff, Robert Goldman, Lynne Maquat, Robert Palazzo, Gregory Payne, Joel Rosenbaum, and
Michael Shelanski. In reviewing and editing this press book, the PIC had help from ASCB members Kerry Bloom, Laura Robles, and Meg Titus. The
ASCB Science Writer is John Fleischman.
Note: All stories embargoed until 5 PM PST, December 13, 2002.
December 14-18, 2002, San Francisco, CA
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