2002 ASCB Annual Meeting Press Book - page 20

The American Society for Cell Biology
42nd Annual Meeting
December 14-18, 2002 San Francisco
Gary Borisy,
; John Cooper,
Program Chair
; Patricia Calarco,
Local Arrangements Chair
Keynote Symposium: Opportunities & Challenges in Cell Biology
Saturday, December 14 - 6:00 pm
Steven M. Block,
Stanford University
R. Alta Charo,
University of Wisconsin Law School
Ron McKay,
National Institutes of Health
Andrew W. Murray,
Harvard University
Sunday, December 15—8:00 am
Nuclear Trafficking and Dynamics
Ian G. Macara,
University of Virginia
David Spector,
Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory
Joan A. Steitz,
Yale University
Sunday, December 15—10:30 am
How Cells Interact with Each Other
Bonnie Bassler,
Princeton University
David A. Cheresh,
Scripps Research Institute
Peter Devreotes,
The Johns Hopkins University
Monday, December 16—8:00 am
Cell Biology of Cancer
Douglas Hanahan,
University of California, San Francisco
Jeffrey Trent,
National Institutes of Health
Terry A. Van Dyke,
University of North Carolina
Monday, December 16—10:30 am
Inheritance of Organelles
Susan Dutcher,
Washington University
N. Ronald Morris,
RW Johnson Medical School/UMDNJ
Lois S. Weisman,
University of Iowa
Tuesday, December 17—8:00 am
Chromatin and Chromosomes
C. David Allis,
University of Virginia
Kerry S. Bloom,
University of North Carolina
Marjori Matzke,
Austrian Academy of Sciences
Tuesday, December 17—10:30 am
Cell Division: New Paradigms for Regulation of Timing and Size
Greenfield Sluder,
University of Massachusetts
Michael Tyers,
Samuel Lunenfeld Research Institute, Canada
Mitsuhiro Yanagida,
Kyoto University, Japan
Wednesday, December 18—8:00 am
Cell Polarization and Directional Motility
Anthony Bretscher,
Cornell University
Ruth Lehmann,
New York University
Frederick Maxfield,
Cornell University
Wednesday, December 18—10:30 am
Signal Transduction Pathways in Development
Gail R. Martin,
University of California, San Francisco
Randall T. Moon,
University of Washington
Alex Schier,
New York University
3:40 pm - 5:45 pm
Sunday, December 15
Cell Junctions and Signal Transduction
Barry Gumbiner,
Memorial Sloan-Kettering
Cancer Center
Susan LaFlamme,
Albany Medical College
Cell Polarity: Establishment & Maintenance
Elisabeth Knust,
Heinrich-Heine Universität
Düsseldorf, Germany
Computational Approaches to Cell Biology
Gaudenz Danuser,
Swiss Federal Institute of
George Oster,
University of California, Berkeley
Fred Chang,
Columbia University
John G. White,
University of Wisconsin
Mark Marsh,
University College London, UK
Extracellular Matrix and Cancer
Hynda Kleinman,
James McCarthy,
University of Minnesota
Microbial Pathogenesis
Vojo Deretic,
University of New Mexico
Michele Swanson,
University of Michigan
Signaling and Development
Jan Christian,
Oregon Health Science University
Janet Heasman,
Children’s Hospital Medical
Center, Cincinnati
Monday, December 16
Apoptosis and Cellular Senescence
Barbara Osborne,
University of Massachusetts
Kristin White,
Harvard Medical School
Control of Growth, Size and Shape
Suzanne Baker,
St. Jude Children’s Research
Martin Raff,
University College London, UK
Cytoskeletal Processes During Development
Susan Strome,
Indiana University
William Theurkauf,
University of Massachusetts
Integrin Signaling
Jun-Lin Guan,
Cornell University
Richard Klemke,
Scripps Research Institute
Meiosis and Germ Cells
R. Scott Hawley,
Stowers Institute
Anne Villeneuve,
Stanford University
Nucleocytoplasmic Trafficking
Larry Gerace,
Scripps Research Institute
Maureen Powers,
Emory University
Rafts and Other Membrane Microdomains
Pico Caroni,
Friedrich Miescher Institute,
Martin Hemler,
Dana-Farber Cancer Institute
Regulation of Cytoskeleton Assembly
Lynne Cassimeris,
Lehigh University
Tatyana Svitkina,
Northwestern University
Tuesday, December 17
Cell Biology of Angiogenesis
Nancy Boudreau,
University of California,
San Francisco
Joseph Madri,
Yale University
Cell-Cell Junctions
Eric Beyer,
University of Chicago
Sandra Citi,
University of Padova, Italy
Cell Cycle Regulation
Orna Cohen-Fix,
Dannel McCollum,
University of Massachusetts
Cell Migration
John Condeelis,
Albert Einstein College of Medi-
Anna Huttenlocher,
University of Wisconsin
Cytoskeletal Motors
Richard Cheney,
University of North Carolina
Richard Vallee,
Columbia University
Organelle Biogenesis and Inheritance
Benjamin Glick,
University of Chicago
Judith Klumperman,
Utrecht University
Medical Center, The Netherlands
Protein Folding and Quality Control in the ER
Jeffrey Brodsky,
University of Pittsburgh
Linda Hendershot,
St. Jude Children’s Research
Signaling and Cell Proliferation
Jonathan Cooper,
Fred Hutchinson Cancer
Research Center
Sarah Spiegel,
Virginia Commonwealth University
Wednesday, December 18
Cytoskeletal Dynamics in Living Cells
Inke Näthke,
University of Dundee, Scotland
John Vic Small,
Austrian Academy of Sciences
ECM Molecules and their Receptors
Elizabeth Lord,
University of California, Riverside
E. Helene Sage,
Hope Heart Institute
Mechanisms of Cell Signaling
Lewis Cantley,
Harvard Medical School
Peter Pryciak,
University of Massachusetts
Mitotic Spindle Assembly and Function
Rebecca Heald,
University of California,
Tim Yen,
Fox Chase Cancer Center
Nuclear Structure and Function
Wendy Bickmore,
Medical Research Council, UK
Sui Huang,
Northwestern University
RNA Localization and Dynamics
Anita Hopper,
Pennsylvania State University
Mary Lou King,
University of Miami
Stem Cells
Emanuela Gussoni,
Children’s Hospital,
James Sherley,
Massachusetts Institute of
Vesicle Trafficking
Juan Bonifacino,
Carolyn Machamer,
The Johns Hopkins
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