elevator-speech-ad-6x9Speak Out for Your Science and Win Bluetooth Headphones at ASCB 2016


The premise of the One-Minute Elevator Speech Contest is simple: The elevator door closes and you’ve got a trapped audience – a U.S. Senator, your dean, or Taylor Swift. Go for it! Sell your science in 60 seconds! Or if you’re attending ASCB 2016, you can sell your science in 60-second elevator speech selfie video and then compete for a pair of very cool, highly coveted Bluetooth headphones.


To enter the all-video One-Minute Elevator Speech Contest at ASCB 2016, make a selfie video of your speech and email it to elevatorspeech@ascb.org, along with your name, institution, email address, and phone number. Be sure to include your last name in the title of the .mov file.


Don’t have a phone or a camera to record your video in San Francisco? Come to the Elevator Speech Contest Entry Point at the ASCB Booth in the Learning Center,  Tuesday morning where a camera awaits you,10:00-10:40 am. The winning video and the top runners-up will be shown in the Career Center Theater inside the ASCB Learning Center at the Celldance, Elevator Speech, & COMPASS Comics Awards.