Supporting Celldance could give you far reaching impact! In his “NIH Director’s Blog,” Francis Collins singled out an ASCB 2014 Celldance video as a “microscopic blockbuster” and urged readers to check out “the spectacular scientific flicks that Celldance has to offer.”ASCB gave three member labs $1,000 each to “Tell Your Own Cell Story” while providing post-production support and an original sound track by Hollywood composer Ted Masur. Collins was enthralled by Ritter’s video showing cytotoxic T-cells, “roving, specialized components of our immune system” closing in and destroying cancer cells. The dramatic climax came, wrote Collins, when “These T-cells literally convince a problem cell to commit suicide.”One of the videos logged over 16,000 hits and ranks third-highest all-time total views for the blog. (By comparison the average blog post gets 2,500 views). Support Celldance in 2015 and viewers will see your company promotion as the video starts to roll. Support will be acknowledged in the Annual Meeting Program and ASCB Newsletter, and on the website and mobile app. 

ASCB members interested in submitting a Celldance 2015 proposal by August 14 should click here.